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We are very glad to see you at the internet website of Shtukensia aka RussianBeauty aka RussyGame. The pseudonym Shtukensia [Shtou-keen’-siya] means ~ thingy or cutie girl in Russia. Here is posted stories related to the life of an artistic human beeing, who once threw everything to find herself.

«Things are beautiful if you love them!»



Shtukensia – your friend on the Internet, every day online, makes videos, pictures, writes poetry and lyrics, articles on a variety of topics from psychology to agriculture. Creative chipmunk, a free artist, a joyful pensive passionate miniature introvert. She likes to philosophize, to research the issues of relations between boys and girls, eat a pasta carbonara, drink kvass and green smoothies (because the coffee makes her feel bad and had to be abandoned).

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