3 things that changed my life

Did it happen to you that some little things take energy and time every day, and you seem to be used to it, but you still understand that it could have been better. But you are not sure how exactly it can be better. Although there is a feeling that a solution exists somewhere in the world, you only need to find it. And so I found! Three small things that have influenced me so much that it is beyond words. These are just amazingly useful features:

1) Magnetic closures for lace-up boots ($5): http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/ODW0mVLS

Two powerful magnets that attach to the laces, they allow you to fasten and unbutton your shoes in one quick movement. When walking, they do not open, they hold very well. This is a salvation for everyone, because tying and untying shoelaces is a terribly boring task, and I also rub my fingers. I loved these clasps with all my heart! But be careful when choosing magnetic fasteners – they are very weak (on circular magnets), it is better to take with solid long magnets. Happinnes exists 🙂

2) Silicone phone case ($3): http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/MSR0uTKs

It was my personal pain, as I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone and ordered a cover for it, but I missed and they brought me a plastic case. It was a big disappointment, but I paid more than 1000 rubles for him, so I decided to try to curse him. It was terrible! The case was very slippery, the very first day my phone fell to the floor. Lucky that I did not crash. For six months I somehow carried that cover, and then I just could not stand it and ordered a new one on Aliexpress. For a very long time I was looking for a good option so that the cover is not slippery, fits tightly and has ribbed seals on the sides. And I found him! This purchase brings me an incredible amount of comfort every day.

3) New bath mixer tap.

Model: Damixa – Redblu Origin Evo ($100).

The crane is made in Russia according to Danish blanks. After we had leaked an old faucet for about a year, the installation of a new mixer turned out to be a huge joy. For 6 years I had dreamed of replacing our old two-valve crane with a single lever, but all this seemed too complicated and expensive. When the last gander just fell off, we still did it. And the best part is that I myself installed a new crane, which was not at all difficult!

Finally, we have dry and beautiful, and what a long gander, and a gander ?! No need to palm off somewhere down, the water flows with good emphasis and everything has become much more convenient. And the pressure of the water seems to have intensified. I go into the bath and my mood rises. A small repair and replacement of equipment is always a great joy, I think that you should not spare money to improve the world around you. If possible, I try not to save on quality and choose the best option in terms of the “affordable for me price / quality ratio”.

What things have changed your life lately?


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