And my period hasn’t started yet…

But something else began. And also as unexpectedly, as my “irregular” periods usually begin. The calendar really says that for several years now my cycle has returned to normal, but now it wasn’t there. Now everything will be different. It’s like New Year, but in reverse. And people will get used and adapt, and perhaps even populate Mars. But even there they will definitely quarrel with each other. A new level of chaos and uncertainty is when you think: “I wonder what the dollar exchange rate is now?”, and then you remember that “what the f*ck is the difference?”

The nihilism of the habitual and the annihilation of the planned — isn’t this the new norm in my life? And what am I doing today … I look far ahead, to where everything is fine and where a bright spring morning has come. In the meantime, the whirlwind of world madness is spinning me, I will paint my eyebrows in classic brown and soak my heels in a basin of sea water. The money has already been spent, it remains only to order drinking water. And wait for the embryo of a twisted future to emerge from the seething chaos.

Where will you be? Will you find your place? Can you adapt? Will it be possible to find a way out and open the door? New story, new rules, new everything. And I am like a dinosaur from the past, which roams the forest with its long neck, chews the crowns of oaks and enjoys the sunrise. Anything is possible and something will happen. I will leaven a barrel of cabbage with mustard. Color dress! While the world is going crazy, I’ll try to change my bast. Am I a chrysalis or an egg?

And this has all happened before. You are not the first who got lost in the turmoil of days. And this kind of confusion will be repeated many times. In a new way, with other songs, but the music of the storm will be here forever. Uncertainty is the environment of my life as a born, a fundamental property of nature, the limit of an artist’s dreams and the meaning of a scientist’s life. And there are people here and I am among them, turning into something new. So am I a chrysalis or an unlucky egg?

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