Anxious anticipation of the uncertain

I have been very anxious for most of today. It all started in the morning and ended in the evening. Now I’m still a little anxious, but not like before. Now I’ve become smarter, I immediately understand what’s the matter – menstruation is coming soon. At the end of the month before my period, I become too vulnerable, anxious and whiny. This is already a system, so I have to admit, premenstrual syndrome exists. Even my boyfriend is already used to it, if I start behaving slightly inappropriately, then of course, you won’t get off so easily. More serious measures are needed than just saying “yes, it’s still good, why are you worried about nonsense ?!”

When your body is in an anxious state, then there is a reason – I always have them in abundance and so, but not every day I literally shrink from anxiety, get angry and feel tense. I still think that women should be given extra paid time off at work on demand due to menstruation and everything related to it. Today I arranged such a day off for myself: in the morning, after quarreling with a bear over porridge (well, it’s clear, it’s bad!) I went to read a book, which I eventually finished reading quite quickly and without much pleasure, although until this day I couldn’t tear myself away from this story it was so exciting!

I somehow managed to write an article about the peculiarities of life in Russia on the, and realized that there was no bilingualism on that site and I had to translate it into English someday; I need to remind the Bear to add the translation of the site. I also have a lot of old untranslated articles on this site “Shtukentsia”, and I should somehow deal with these translations too. Well, definitely not today. I didn’t have enough strength to shoot a video, but I found time to search for information on healthy foods, and I watched a few interesting videos about various trace elements and ways to eat better.

It turned out that for my type of figure and physique, hormonal characteristics, etc. – it is very useful to eat broccoli and cabbage in order to reduce the amount of “female” hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the days before menstruation, which first rise sharply and then collapse like a bitcoin rate at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. To make the difference less noticeable, you can introduce more cruciferous vegetables (different types of cabbage, even sauerkraut), which help regulate estrogen, into your diet. And I keep thinking, why is it that I am so drawn to broccoli and sauerkraut from time to time?

And now it’s 9:59 and I urgently need to sleep.

And that’s what happened the next day (i spent all money in 3 hours and why):

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