Botanical garden in Wageningen

All the riot of garden colors can be described in one word – Rhododendrons! Yes, there are many other beautiful bushes, trees and flowers growing there, but Rhododendrone surprised us so much with its brightness and psychedelicity that almost all the pictures from the garden are the pictures with Rhododendrons. You can not take your eyes off until you see them all! These colors of nature are crazy!

I really wanted to get into the botanical garden, and Igroglaz really wanted to go to the river. As a result, we went through the Rhine, see the ships, the pier. So I want to go boating! Quite shaky! Crawled into someone else’s boat. And we have an anniversary today – we are 12 years together! The 13th year of our love has begun. Why would you want bouquet of flowers if you can breathe with them in a beautiful park! And the most pleasant is that someone takes care for them, and this person is not you!

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