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Hello, I’m the Shtukensia! Today I am writing an article on the site with a voice notepad. New technologies allow us to do incredible things: lie, sleep and write an article at the same time. That’s cool! The function is called “speech to text”. Thus one can speak his thoughts, reason, think aloud. A phone or a computer does so much for you. That’s cool! It seems to me that I was in the future. Although no, I do not just think I am in the future. My site is glad to see you – guest, reader, viewer. My Samsung phone is made in Korea, and for some reason it understands Russian well. Interesting. Five minutes of speech are converted to automatic text, 5 minutes of thought is automatically converted into an article. The article will be read by you. You need to speak clearly, then you will understand me better. Diction goes to the 1st plan. Perhaps, I should do the exercises on the development of speech, more precisely on the development of diction. Such a feeling that now I’m shouting at the gramophone, dictophone, sound amplifier. How to put commas, dots – I do not know yet, so I will have to edit this text, but still I am very glad that my 1st experience was a success. I like to try something new, so you feel alive!

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