Cool aliexpress purchases: home, clothing and jewelry

Recently, we have bought some very cool things that I have long dreamed about. The biggest purchase is a meat grinder! This is just a bomb. The first cutlets went off with a bang. Something else from the clothes. I also added to my wishlist some cool things that we will order in the very near future, most likely to NG. Here they are, my most beloved and long-awaited features:

The meat grinder turned out to be nimble, compact and quite powerful. A lot of nozzles. Our model has everything except nozzles for a citrus juice squeezer. We already have a juicer, which we do not use. So all we have is enough. While we tried the largest nozzle of metal, it is a beast. A huge piece of beef spun faster than a minute. A rather narrow neck of loading meat, a large piece had to be cut for small ones. I even rubbed a finger with a knife, I need to sharpen the knife. A bunch of all kinds of nozzles goes to the meat grinder – for salad, vegetables, cheese. You can make sausages, kebab. I don’t know if our hands will reach all this. The main thing is that nothing has broken, it works. I hope it will be so for a long time.

Quite narrow, close to the male hand, I feel a little free. But the quality is super! Very beautiful with scuffs, as from the Wild West. Looks great solo. Full Unisex!

A topic with hands on boobs that nicely show off in front. Great blouse, chest covered, but the fabric is fully synthetic. For a long time in such a topic you are not like, although the fabric itself is quite delicate. The color is light beige, the mesh is small. Comfortable to wear.

Bright yellow bracelet with beads in the shape of an emoji. Positive detail of the image. Lightweight, each bead is different from the other. Smiles, eyes, emoticons. I like to wear it with a bright strip or solo. A bracelet for all occasions, cheers me up!

Hopper pants with pockets, they came to my small stature due to the ties from the bottom. Four patch pockets. The material is cotton. Great pants and not too expensive. I walk in them every day, due to the layer of air it is not cold even in frost. Almost do not crumple.

Costume servant in anime style. For a long time I wanted myself such a dress so that I could go to gaming festivals and take funny vidos. The dress is quite puritanical, but bright and colorful. Volumetric skirt, many additional details. Buying something similar in Moscow is difficult or will cost a lot of money. It is a pity that in Japan we did not guess to buy anime dresses, there are a lot of them sold in Harajuku.

Mimosas are one of my favorite flowers, but in the spring a small twig stands under 100 r, and I generally keep quiet about the bouquet. I found a very cool mimosa on aliexpress, which you can keep in the frame all year round.


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