Coronavirus in Moscow, the dollar rate, success

Spring began rapidly, and there wasn’t any special winter this year in Moscow. We waited for colds to -30 degrees Celsius, but the temperature did not fall below -10. It was only a few cold days, and the rest of the time in Moscow everything was very European. Warm winter, global warming. And then they brought a global virus. The new coronavirus hit the whole world, at first the media scared us with the zombie apocalypse, and then the dollar exchange rate of 75 rubles made it clear that you could not get off with two sneezes.


The world is ruled by people at an old age who really need to fear the coronavirus. And in many countries of the world, the population is quite old, which is also subject to typos on the actions of governments. Quarantine, cancellation of passenger flights, museums and part of educational institutions are closed. Measures to protect against the epidemic, which is already called a pandemic, are colossal! A couple of months ago it was hard to imagine that in the world today such a quarantine is possible.

It seems that another coronavirus appeared, and before there were all sorts of viruses of this type. Yes, this is a new coronavirus. So in the future there will still be some new ones. And they used to appear. And people develop immunity to viruses. Yes, not all people will survive. It is especially difficult for elderly people and people with reduced immunity to survive all sorts of diseases. It turns out that today the price of human life is so high that people are ready to shake up the economy. It’s just unexpectedly cool! If that were so.

It’s not easy to meet a masked man in Moscow, we saw a couple of masked people in the center, two employees of the Multifunctional Center in Moscow City were also wearing masks. In our area for the entire period from February to the end of March, I probably met people in ordinary surgical masks on the street about two or three times. By the way, these ordinary masks will not protect a person from the virus, but rather protect others if they are sick. The N-95 mask, which filters the air and prevents the virus from getting through, seems to be not for sale. At least I did not find in online stores anything more similar to the N-95 Mask than a construction coal mask respirator for 320 rubles (~4,5$) for a piece:

It is such a mask that can really protect a person from the virus, but you still need to wear glasses with the mask! I have never met anyone in Moscow with such masks. Usually people wear ordinary medical masks without a filter. I also go without a mask, because I am not sick right now. And I’m 33 years old, I have excellent health and strong immunity. I see no reason to wear masks, since I’m not at risk group for coronavirus. For young and healthy people, the new coronavirus is in theory no more dangerous than any other flu or infection. Yes, I don’t want to gat sick. But if so it is not fatal in my case. And since I work from home and prefer to walk and go shopping when there are as few people around as possible, I did not even have to change my lifestyle.

The hype, of course, was fanned by a huge one. Coronavirus has become the most searched event of recent times. The whole world is buzzing, the media publish news every hour, people discuss and are afraid together. Wash hands before eating and do not touch the face – recommendations that spread at the speed of light. You can fly somewhere, and the carrier of the coronavirus will be on board and the entire plane will be quarantined, people cannot go about their business. Public events are canceled, more than 5,000 people events have banned in Moscow, even Rammstein (Lindemann) had to make his show twice in Moscow to divide all who bought a ticket and not violate the ban.

The coronavirus itself doesn’t scare me, since I’m always quite careful on the street, I go around sneezing people, I don’t go to crowded places, I work from home. I haven’t been sick for a whole year, which gives me the feeling that with immunity I’m fine. To maintain immunity, the main thing is not to be nervous, and a panic from the media may well drive anyone into fear and nervousness. Therefore, I do not watch TV and especially do not read “Soviet newspapers”. I take the main news on coronavirus from scientific sources, and there is nothing close to what they write about. Good nutrition, healthy sleep, physical activity and outdoor walks – these are my rules for a healthy lifestyle!

Dollar rate and prices

I am not a financial analyst, but back in February I clearly smelled fried air. I managed to make a successful purchase exactly on time — a new laptop. I bought it at the lowest price in 9 months, and now the price of my model has increased by 20% and continues to grow every day. Plus, there are only few offers left, which can be explained by various reasons, including difficulties with the delivery of goods from China (I have a laptop of the Chinese brand Lenovo).

We also bought a bunch of rice packs, but not because of the coronavirus, but because of discounts. We usually procure for the future goods that slowly deteriorate if there is a good discount on them. I heard that people in Moscow are buying up canned food, and Americans have bought all the toilet paper because of quarantine, and now it is in short supply. Prices are likely to rise. The dollar to rubbles rate, apparently, too. In this sense, there was a good moment to buy equipment or foreign goods a month and a half ago. But now everything has risen in price. What is the dollar exchange rate expected in a month when it is planned to hold a plebiscite on amendments to the Constitution in Russia? Good question. I decided to ask the audience of my Russian speaking youtube channel – Штукенция, and so far the majority believes that at the end of April the dollar will remain at around 73 rubles.

If I had any money that could be “lost” or vice versa somehow profitably exchanged / invested somewhere, then I would have spent all the days now to figure it all out. But this is not my story. We have already made the main purchase for work (laptop), we spent the money. I have a small income, which also dipped a bit due to a lot of circumstances, but still I have enough money. Even if prices rise, we’ll break through somehow. And we also planned a trip, but now it is questionable. Maybe we’ll cancel it, maybe not. We will see. The main thing for me is to promote YouTube channels, make videos, post anything interesting, so that in the future there will be something to fill the bowl with.

Goals and success 2020

In early January, I wrote down several points that were important at that time, now 2.5 months have passed and something can already be evaluated:

  • finish learning python book;

For the purpose of learning the Python programming language, I am on the right track, I am currently studying the book “Python Programming” by Michael Dawson. I am now I am at chapter 6 (p. 193 of 416), where I study functions. We opened a discord for novice programmers, where everyone can share their successes in learning programming languages and writing programs. A link to the discord is in the description under the video on YouTube:

Every day I advance like a turtle in programming. I do all the tasks and write summaries of the material covered on the website of our computer magazine in the Python section.

  • create app;
  • put agricultural data to website;
  • finish book about YouTube;

For this goal, I have made some progress. I began to publish chapters of my book “Bad advice to the video blogger” on Vidforum (in Russian). Published 5 chapters of 18 written (32 pages). There will be 100 chapters in total. I also continue to draw illustrations for this book.

  • two scientific paper;
  • make pictures for posts;
  • translate all posts into English;

This work seems to me the most boring, but someday I will need to find the time to complete the translation of all the posts on this site. I have progressed quite a bit, translated about 20 articles. I consider it an important achievement that I immediately translate every new article into English. And this one will also have to be translated even if I am lazy!

  • draw every week;
  • launch merch;
  • buy laptop;
  • earn >1000$/month.

In one month, the income exceeded more than $ 1,000, so this goal was partially achieved. But then incomes declined. So once it turned out, but so far not systematically.

New additional goals:

  • make my mask on social media
  • 1000 followers on social media 2
  • 5000 on my personal profile with photos
  • complete filling all YouTube channels
  • play three complete pieces on the piano

From the last cool news – we updated our driver license, now it will be possible to take cars in car sharing. I am also happy to draw on my laptop, it is always turned inside out and it works like a graphic tablet. I drew a few channels arts for our YouTube channels:

And I upload all my drawings on the art site

What do you do?

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