Everything fell into place

Happy to live until the moment when you understand what you just felt before. It is important to see reality. And once again say: “He was right!”, Well, or “She was right” (it doesn’t matter). In my case, Igroglaz turned out to be right, who has already said a hundred thousand times that it makes no sense to set digital goals. And I kept going on and on, year after year. And for the first time I decided to try to just do something, not expecting to get x dollars or y views as a result.

And you know what – it turned out to be more pleasant than I thought. You don’t sit and optimize the best topic for a post or video (I really haven’t done this in a long time), but you just snatch an idea by the tail out of your imagination. At the same time, you are not afraid to fail, as it turns out that the demand for this is not too great. Please understand at last that you have something so special! Your chip. And no one else in the world has one like it. So you can’t find it anywhere else but inside your self.

“You just ask, quietly, to yourself. And then listen carefully. There are answers to all questions. You will even be told who and what to ask if there is not enough information yet. You will tell yourself. You are a walking super computer, and yours software and hardware inside is good enough..” – so I tell myself. And this is what I’m listening to. And then I write. “What to blog about?” – you ask. And I will answer: “Document yourself.” It will be original. And stop repeating after your neighbor!

It’s nice to see clearly who is who. And what is what. It seems to be sad, but there is no time for this. Everything is fleeting. I try to let everything superfluous pass by, not to delve into the empty, to let go of someone else’s. Let everything go as it goes. But the main thing is to see freedom in pure creativity for its own sake. Or like this: just do what makes you happy. And this is necessary not only for our personal happiness, but also for the happiness of those whom we have “tamed”. Otherwise, why is there a word love?

And it got easier. There are no conditions. Ratings. Plans. There is life and process. And I’m not going to the end. I just dropped in to spend some more time together. And then look at the clock, 4:48, it’s time for go. In the cold winter of a foggy forest, where squirrels sleep in hollows, and the river is wrapped in yellow-gray layered ice, where it is so scary to go, because even near the shore you can fall into unsteady snow slurry. Spring is coming. This year I am looking forward to it so badly.

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