Exactly 6 years later, it happened!

Shtukensia from 2013 that had just quit work and left MSU, look … What happened to you and me! Six years ago, videos began to be published on YouTube on the Shtukensia channel, and on November 13, 2013 the channel had 666 subscribers, and the videos gained an average of 100-200 views. So it was like that:

In addition to our personal channels with igroglaz, we had only 4 (!!!!) channels! Four, motherfucker, channel! And these were essentially the mirrors of our websites, which we had been ruling for several years by that time. I can’t even believe that all this is me. And that was exactly the case. And of course, at that time we didn’t earn anything on YouTube or on our sites. But we had a lot of dreams. We shot a video. We lived with a bear’s mom and believed in the best. Although it was pretty dumb, to be honest. We were looking for moving, repair, wedding, a trip to Holland. I had savings about 200 thousand rubles in my account, and in general no more income was planned. The bear received a salary at the university and a couple of other works, so we ate deliciously. But the future was foggy …

And now, 6 years later, through channel termination, through laughter and tears, through hours-days-weeks-months-years-years of everyday video activity (and, more recently, of the writing too) … hallelujah! My first and main channel, Shtukensia hit 60k subscribers. This is so fucking cool! And in a month we earned more than $800 on YouTube and websites! This is more than 50 thousand rubles. And right at that moment I really want to bow to the hall and say, “Well, stop it!” So ​​that the ovation will be a little calmer. Yes, here you can discuss a lot on the topic “is that a lot or a little” and so on. Everything is very simple for me — I left a job with 100 thousand rubles salary with some vague hopes of “finding myself” and “creating my own business”. What is exactly? Where to look for yourself? It was not clear.

And YouTube was just a way for me to try to get closer to the work of my dreams — sitting in my room, shoot a video and make a living from it. What to shoot? How to shoot? Where to shoot? And anyway — is this even possible for me? I had no idea. I had no prerequisites — no special education, no cash investments, no ads, no friends from the YouTube or media. I still have nothing of this. But I got an answer to my question — yes, for me it was possible. I found myself in video creation, drawing and writing. And I created myself from what I had. And then I fell in love with it all. My channel Shtukensia has gone through many ups and downs, it has become my online home (one of them). And I will never leave it, because it is good!

Now on November 22, 2019 my channel looks like this:

It took me exactly six years to find my format — long conversational videos of 30-40 minutes or even longer. I create my video diary, share what is happening to me, analyze myself and my life, express my opinion on various issues and topics of interest to me. New videos gain an average of 1-1,5k views. I wildly enjoy running my channel. And besides the Shtukensia channel, we already have more than 50 other channels on YouTube on various topics. There are already two 100+k channels (Blogger School and Beauty Guild). A few more are nearby also. We shoot video every day, it is for us like an air, without which it is difficult to imagine our life on Earth.

This is really fantastic! That I’m still not starving. I myself can’t believe it. I managed it! We made it! We did it! You can compare two channels side by side — 6 years ago and today, 666 vs 60002, November 13, 2013 vs November 22, 2019:

If all of a sudden you’re that Shtukensia who closes her eyes in horror at night, cries from fear and resentment, is afraid to starve to death, is numb from thoughts about the future … just know that in 6 years you can have everything much better, than now. All the best awaits you ahead. You just go on. And close the ears. Do not listen to the negative, stop talking to those who make you cry. They are not bad, it just prevents you from calmly and confidently moving forward to the most joyful sensation in human life — freedom.

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  1. Christian says:

    Great job, hope your channel grows strong.

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