Girls’ PMS — myth or reality?

Premenstrual syndrome / Postmenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a specific cyclic condition of the female body that occurs in some women 2-10 days before the onset of menstruation or immediately after menstruation. These days, girls may not behave as usual, be more nervous due to psychoemotional, vegetative-vascular and metabolic-endocrine changes that can adversely affect a woman’s usual lifestyle and behavior.

My boyfriend and I notice that a few days before the menstruation, I begin to behave strangely and atypically, I can be irritable, tearful, overly tense and nervous, react more aggressively to ordinary situations. This condition goes through a cycle. No wonder men are afraid of women’s critical days like fire — for many of them, these days can be a real challenge. My boyfriend is already used to the fact that sometimes it’s better to be a little more careful so as not to provoke an emotional collapse in our couple. And he says: “We have monthly periods.” After all, menstruation is a process that affects not only girls and women, it applies to absolutely everyone!

It is said sometimes that women pretend to have mysterious PMS, but nothing like that exists in reality. Moreover, it may seem strange that PMS can be deciphered both as a premenstrual syndrome and as a postmenstrual syndrome. So at least you decide — before or after your period you have this syndrome? But the fact is that the body of each woman is individual, and menstruation also goes differently for everyone. Cyclicity is determined by hormones that strongly affect the human body, changing its motives and behavior. Of course, everything is not so critical. Women can keep themselves within the bounds of decency, but the fact is that the monthly cycles do not pass completely without a trace.


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