He is not bringing flowers for me

What does it mean when a guy or your husband does not bring you flowers? The first thing that comes to mind of almost every girl and woman – he just does not love me! If I love someone, I would like to spend time and money to please this person. After all, all the other girls getting flowers from their boys and husbands, only mine ignores my female needs for attention and gifts!

Love of flowers is very erotic in nature, because flowers are the genital organs of plants. Holding in hands flower dildos and vaginas, the best preference of every sexual bitch. But what am I talking about? Among the people there are not so many botanists, so you have to admit that for most girls and women, flowers are just a tradition, along with a wedding and many other religious rituals. He came to a date without flowers? Do not respect me. Did not bring a bouquet on the eighth of March? He does not see a woman in me! He does not bring flowers for my birthday? Stopped loving me.

Let’s first outline the real reasons why a man does not bring you flowers, because it’s better to know reality than to be in illusions, right? The first and most frequent reason for the lack of a gift in the form of flowers from a guy is his character. There was a mother in his family who said that she did not like flowers. Or no one bring flowers his mother and he just did not see such an example of behavior. Or his mother was given flowers, and she threw them into the trash. Or his mother only loved flowers in pots, and she was feeling sorry for the cut flowers. And so on. We all come from childhood, and many people keep on for life their patterns blindly copied from their family.

The second most frequent reason is his mercantile spirit, greed, stinginess, control, manipulation and other unpleasant behavior of those people who do not know how to love or are not ready to love, but still want to have some kind of relationship, mostly they are interested in sex. The girl herself is not important for such man and these guys does not care much, they have a goal – to have sex or find a comfortable companion of life. These are consumers, mama’s sons, manipulators, representatives of the radical male movement and so on.

All other reasons are insignificant. So the task of the girl to determine which category is “your case”. If he is a kind, honest, adequate guy, cares about you, loves – then this is the first option. The second category is determined by the phrases “I do not bring flowers,” “if you want flowers, buy yourself,” “I will bring flowers if … or when …”, “give me first … and then I will give you flowers” etc. If the guy is getting aggressive about the flowers, refusal or depreciates your desires, this is a sad bell.

If you find that your guy is from the second category, then this is a hard case and I will not even discuss it here. Relations with such specimens are unlikely to be of interest to adequate people, while others will understand themselves what to do based on their ideas about love and relationships. But if you are lucky and your man is adequate, then you can breathe a sigh of relief, because with him you can always agree and find a common language! The flower question is a good exercise for finding a compromise.

How to start a conversation about flowers and gifts? Go directly. As soon as you have a question, why he does not give me flowers, and you come to the Internet to read this article – right now it’s time to start a conversation with him. Do not put it off, write your guy a sms or message – “I want flowers!”. And then read this post knowing that your first step to solving your problem you have already done. Oh! And what to do next, when will he answer to me or when will you see each other? Suddenly he will ignore, forget or ask in the forehead, what was that message about the flowers ???

The fact is that people who are not used to bringing flowers to someone can not understand for a single second why, how and when to do it. Having started a conversation about flowers, you need to find out the reason for your guy – why he does not bring you flowers. After all, every adequate person can have his own reason:

  • it is not clear – what is the profit of flowers, why should they be given to you at all – they will wither after a week;
  • flowers are trite and vulgar, all people bring flowers, but, he likes to be original;
  • he feel sorry to cut flowers, because plants are a living organism, why cut a flower so it wilts in captivity;
  • flowers before the holiday are greatly overpriced, it is better to spend money on something else, and flowers might be picked up in the field;
  • he may have an allergy to flowers or he thinks you have an allergy;
  • he did not have time to find out which flowers you like, and thinks it is unreasonable to bring the flowers without specific information;
  • flower bouquets are associated with the negative events of his life – the death of a loved one, an official event, etc.


After you know the reason why he did not give you flowers. It is important to find a compromise – you want flowers, but he does not want to give them to you. There are many different solutions:

  • you buy yourself fresh flowers yourself;
  • you plant flowers at home or at the dacha;
  • you buy yourself artificial flowers in the house;
  • you explain why you want to receive flowers as a gift and find compromise.

Each of the above options has its pros and cons, you need to choose what is closer to you. The first three points are related only to your personality and it is simple to make this by yourself. After all, no one else (even your boyfriend) should not be responsible for your personal happiness. And when we can be happy only if “he gives me flowers,” it seems like you have lack of the ability to make yourself happy on your own.

But if you can not be completely happy until you have a “right” relationships, in which flowers from your boyfriend or husband are an integral part, the only thing left for you is negotiations! After all, when two people participate in some kind of action, everyone should know what and how to do, and should be ready to play their part in this love performance. With the help of a conversation you need to find the option that suits you two. How to search for compromises, we still talk in a separate post.

Why does not he bring me flowers by himself? Why do I have to tell him something? Why is it so difficult? After all, there are guys and men who go and buy flowers to their girls and wives by default, what’s wrong with my boyfriend? What is wrong with me, that there is no such attention to me, as I see in the films? Am I not worthy of a bouquet of flowers? These thoughts can occupy women who attach big importance to the generally accepted rituals of manifesting love. In fact, there are no ideal and right relations. Every relationship between a guy and a girl, a woman and a man is unique. And this is their happiness!

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  1. Nips says:

    Hi Viera,
    Interesting video.
    congratulations !
    I would like to start correspondence with a Russian lady 35 – 45 who can speak English and is interested in communicating with me. My name is Abe, and I live in the West Coast of U.S.
    I work in the scientific field and so naturally if the lady is also in the scientific field, we have somethings in common. Please let me know if you are interested connecting me and that prospective lady.
    Thank you.

    • Shtukensia says:

      Hi, I am in love with Russian Bear 🙂 So I like to connect if it’s friendly purpose ^)

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