How do I film videos for YouTube channel

To start shooting videos for YouTube, you don’t need any special professional equipment. At the first stage, you can shoot at least on your mobile phone. I still shoot most of my videos on iphone, and the quality is fine with me. For better shooting, I use the Sony Handycam HDR-GW77E camera (price about 20 thousand). The Handycam camera can be used during scuba diving, swimming in the pool, on the beach or just during outdoor activities.

That’s what you definitely need is a tripod. Try to buy it right away, but you should not buy expensive if you do not need it. For example, I have one of the basic tripods worth up to 3 thousand rubles (50$). It also seems important to me to have good light and record high-quality sound. I myself only plan to start using professional lighting for my videos. I record the sound either on the built-in microphone or on the loop. It turns out acceptable if there is no extraneous noise.

Programs for video processing that I actively use:

  • Adobe premier
  • Sony Vegas Pro

I advise you not to start with simple programs for video processing, otherwise it will be very difficult to retrain yourself later. Understand professional programs right away – albeit a little, but each time you will learn something new in them. And most importantly – do not be afraid, but just make a video. Film the material, make the installation, add captions, bright colors! Don’t afraid that you don’t have the equipment now and you don’t make good friends with computers – all of this is no obstacle to creativity. Learn, develop, and you will succeed!


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