How I found my style

I found my style when I was 4 years old. White skirt to the knees, bows. I never knew what was fashionable. But always wanted a dress. A warm green sweater with a dog, boyfriend jeans are very great. My hair is disheveled, I swear. The curls are under the ears.

Style is not just colorful, stylish not what the magazine says is glossy. Style is something that pleases you that brings happiness to individuality. Repeat someone’s style – just spit. But you will not be able to experience a spark if your style is stolen from the window of the store, losing yourself is a matter of one minute.

For my 32-year-old life, I worked out several tricks:

  • try on everything that came to hand,
  • combine to be called desperate,
  • do not throw out grandma’s things,
  • be happy that they did not call you fashionable.

Style is just an illusion, you create it yourself playfully. Do you adore yourself in a mirror? So, you do everything right. If you cower under the clothes, you hide behind the bag bashfully. Tousle your hair finally, stop trying to look beautiful!


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