How to enjoy life better

Well, if wealth does not for us, then at least we can organize happiness for ourselves. I’ve been doing this quite well for 10 years since I quite everything to find myself: I got enough sleep, ate well, walked a lot and even learned how to bake bread and knit. But I have something to strive for. After a holiday in Egypt, I “rebooted” and began to introduce new habits into my life that help me feel happier every day:

  • go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 7 am;
  • read at least an hour a day;
  • write every day (posts, scripts);
  • brush my teeth in the morning and evening;
  • sleep in cool temperature (19°C);
  • relax shoulders.

History is cyclical, just like a person’s life, so for 10 years I have had enough sleep, woke up every day at 10-11-12, and now I have lost the psychological need to “sleep as much as I want.” I noticed that the earlier I wake up, the happier I feel now: the whole day ahead, the sun moves with me, there is a feeling of morning – a little sleepy and promising, with a slight haze on the horizon. Exercise, breakfast, brush my teeth.

Reading is the best rest, I just love to read, but for some reason I got it into my head that you can read only on official holidays. And so it happened: on any vacation, I always took a book with me, which I read every free minute. But then the holidays ends, life begins, in which you can only read textbooks or useful literature. And recently I decided: I will read as if I were on vacation. I can read in the morning, in the evening, even at lunch.

After the release of my book “Algorithm”, I finally felt like a writer. The book was even nominated for a PwC award in the category “Best book to help business”, voting is underway – support the book on the competition website: I get good feedback from readers, I must admit that this whole book theme has motivated me to write more, so far mainly on my sites and forums. And thanks to this, the income from adsense on sites also crept up.

If you wake up in the afternoon, then your breakfast is more like lunch, and there it’s already close to dinner. And often it turned out that I managed to brush my teeth only once a day – before going to bed. I did not like it, but it was difficult to overcome the current situation. And now happiness has come – breakfast ends by 9, or even earlier, and brushing your teeth in the morning becomes quite an appropriate activity. Still, it is more pleasant to clean feathers when a long day of light awaits you ahead.

When you come abroad, foreigners are often surprised: “How is it cold for you at +15? You are from Russia!” That’s how. In Russia, they heat with such a margin that in winter it’s up to +25 in an apartment and you can walk in a T-shirt, and then you always sweat. Everyone is always afraid of catching a cold, and if the temperature in the apartment drops to +19, people sound the alarm that they say “God, we are freezing!” It’s funny that Egypt in February tempered us so much that now at +19 degrees we are quite comfortable and even feel warm at home, so we keep the windows wide open almost all day and sleep in a pleasant coolness.

I also noticed that my shoulders and neck were always tense, probably due to stress, internal worries, or any uncertainties. I decided to take a closer look at my shoulders and the entire upper body, as soon as I notice that my shoulders went up or my arms pressed against my body with my elbows – I specifically relax my muscles, tilt my head, lower my shoulders, straighten my back, twist back and forth a little. I try at this moment to drink some water, walk around the house, do something pleasant.

Our happiness is in our hands. And let there be blizzards and snowstorms around, life’s troubles and rising prices, we are like … “I’ll go record a video” or even better, “I’ll go to eat”.

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