How to live life for 100%

There is a theory that before death, people regret that they did not have time to do some things. It’s as if they didn’t live life completely, but missed something. Although they could do this and that. From fear or due to lack of resources, from self-doubt or far-fetched psychological restrictions … How can a person live life to the fullest, and not be content with scraps of flying splashes of life-giving joy?

I think everything is very simple. At each stage of life, a person has his own interests, tasks and aspirations. And the assessment of life as a whole is generally quite difficult, because we do not evaluate in 30 years how effectively we spent the first year of our life. Because it doesn’t matter. We already had it somehow. Successfully or not – what happened was gone.

Just as history does not tolerate subjunctive moods, so a person’s life, which is a personal history, could not have changed in any way. And if she could, then not in this life. After all, we have only one vector – there is a past, present and future. And no matter how much you think, the past cannot be changed, and you cannot keep up with the present.

Therefore, the question of how to live living 100% comes down to the task of managing the near future. Forget the past, do not worry about the present moment – it has already become the past and you can forget about it. But the near future – for half an hour, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year in advance … This is our reserve for 100% realization of our life potential.

And how to be 100% self-realized? For each person, the answer will be different. Unfortunately, nowhere is possible to find clues. That is happiness for one person is another’s sadness. And all people are at least a little, but different. To understand how exactly I can live life 100%, I think that it is worth answering the following questions:

  • Do I want to live life 100% (or how much I want to be realized)?
  • What does it mean to live 100% for me?
  • What would I like to do in life?
  • What makes me happy on a short-term basis (momentarily), on a medium-term basis (during the day / week / month), on a long-term basis (for a year / several years)?
  • which things that other people do / have already done, causes me interest, envy, desire to repeat it too?
  • What do I want to do among things that no one has done before me?
  • what lifestyle makes me happy – what does a perfect day / week / month / year look like?
  • what do I need for happiness right now / what do I think will be necessary for happiness in a year / in 5 years / in 50 years?
  • to whom I want to prove something by my actions and 100% implementation / whom to brag about / who to wipe my nose?
  • which of the above do I personally need / what brings pleasure and happiness, and what do I need to compete with others in order to be better than them?

Thinking in this way you can find your own way to live a full life. After all, in fact, there is little that is impossible, most of our desires are quite easy to realize. You can build a plan and achieve its implementation. We have a lot of personal freedom of choice. The world is big, there are many ways to have fun, please yourself, find a challenge and overcome difficulties.

And the fact that you did not do anything before is all in the past. And this does not change. And thinking about it is pointless. And worry too. The future begins at this second. And if there is no motivation? That’s not necessary. And if you want, but scary? You can also try. And if laziness? So it’s not time yet. What if apathy? You can eat chocolate.

And every life goes by. Are you happy or not. Do what you need. Are you cooking borscht for lunch? Do you go to work in the office, do you knit a scarf at home. Do you have a dog or three funny guys. You can live sad, you can laugh all day. Life goes on anyway. Let’s take a moment.

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