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I do not know. But I’ve always wanted to know. I remember how 10 years ago I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and realized that everything is very simple: you need to invest something, then buy real estate for cheap price, sell for higher, and then … in general, it turned out that you really just need to talk about how to become rich and teach people about it. And also make your own boardgame, which will also teach everyone to get rich, and sell it on their courses on wealth. And write a book with a loud title “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and sell it too. Well, you get the logic.

The most curious thing in all this is to answer the eternal question of mankind: what was before? How to arrange events on the timeline: he became rich and teaches others this, or vice versa – he teaches others this and thanks to this he became rich. Judging by my channel “School of the Blogger” on YouTube, rather the second. Although, stop! I never got rich 😂, so this is not the best analogy. The truth is essentially close: I started making videos about what I studied myself and in which I had no experience at all. And as a result, it became the largest video blogging channel in Russian.

So what’s with the money. After reading a few more books on wealth, taking a course in economics and finance, and watching a bunch of YouTube videos where people talk about how they got rich, I came to the conclusion that there are at least four types of rich people:

  • by birth;
  • the nature;
  • by talent;
  • by chance.

If it’s clear with birth, these are the children of rich or famous families, who, even if they don’t do anything in life, then they already had everything, are and will be wealthy. A striking example is Paris Hilton or Ksenia Sobchak. Each of them, of course, is a great fellow. But even if they were not good fellows, then they would always have some money for a Louisitton purse and a salmon steak, thanks to a famous surname, inheritance or royalties from the sale of the works of their ancestors, like Tolkien’s son. If you were not born in the family of a sheikh, then move on.

Who are the rich people “by nature” in my classification – these are cunning, tenacious and active people who know how to spin around in life, negotiate, build relationships, make friends with the right people, have a developed intellect, calculate risks, make compromises, have a natural charisma and have an internal conflict that encourages them to strive for wealth, that is, in a certain way, melts and “hardens” their character. You can’t just take it and become rich if these qualities of character and life circumstances have not naturally intertwined in you.

The rich by talent are geniuses, people with unique innate abilities to do something (run, jump, sing, be funny, invent, compose, draw, etc.). Such people are often not of this world, they can be unusual and strange, often do not fit into society, but their talent attracts people’s attention to them, it’s good when not posthumously. Probably, every person dreams of being a genius, because this is the most “simple” way to wealth – you just live, do what you like and it turns out cool. Well done, take a million from the shelf.

The occasional rich is probably the largest category. Here are lottery winners, one-hit singers, and video bloggers who accidentally flew into the trend, and modern creators and artists who were promoted for tricky financial stories by people from the second category, “Cinderella”, who married a millionaire and all that stuff. Here the basis of wealth is an event that could never be predicted and cannot be repeated in any way. It’s an irreproducible wealth, even if “daddy seduction” coaches say otherwise.

If we apply the deductive method, then according to the above, it turns out that … if you do not fall into the first three categories (and get rich on your own), then you can only become rich by chance 🤔. Of course, there are different things happen by chance. Life on Earth also originated by chance. That is, anything can happen. But it’s not at all a fact that the likelihood that it is you who will get rich is at least somewhat significant in order to seriously count on it. And we don’t live too long to sit and wait for… I wanted to write “golden rain”, but it somehow doesn’t sound very good.

And what to do now? Is it good to study or drop out of university for the sake of a startup idea? Read books on business and self-development or learn programming? Dye your hair bright or get into a suit with a tie, mimicking deputies? Throw away books on how to become rich or try to resell them on Avito? Lose weight and get eyebrows to charm the prince, or move into body positivity and feminism to at least eat delicious food and save money on shaving your legs?

Wealth is so attractive, because if you are rich, then you definitely will not die of hunger and you can afford to live for your own pleasure. You can buy any thing, move to any place, you are loved and respected, and the rest are just jealous. This is the paradise that everyone dreams of, even if “money is not important” to him and he has “other values in life.” Everyone wants to live for their own pleasure in a beautiful cozy house, to do only what they want, and not to do what they don’t want, because others can do it for you. Do not worry about the future and old age.

Wealth gives freedom and independence. You, like a joyful summer cloudy, slowly float through the bright blue sky, and you don’t really care about anything. You are satisfied with everything and from any misfortune you can sail away into the foggy distances. You have everything you can dream of and even more. Love and prosperity. Wealth is absolute bliss, so inaccessible and mythical that you just want to bring down the dreaming dupe with the words: “The rich also cry.” Yes, they cry, but isn’t it from happiness?

And here you and I are sitting like this in the backyards of life in our little houses and we all think how we can get rich. And suddenly we realize that, apparently, no way. Maybe we’re lucky, but let’s be realistic. Do not become you, mistress, a rich noblewoman. You will rummage through the garbage dumps, wear things from the dropbox. To pile up your pennies in a pile for years, in order to one day insert a new tooth to replace the broken one. And you will look at a beautiful life only through the square windows of social divas, who, although they were photoshopped, are still quite convincing.

And what,that’s it? Our job is to put up with it and lie on the stove? What about those who do not have the “wealth gene”, talent and have not been lucky anywhere? Usually they say this: “You just need to work hard and hard, move forward and learn every day, do your job well”, or simply – “did you try to work?”. I have bad news for you: I tried to work, but it does not help. And I also tried to do my self-employed job diligently day after day for many years, and this is also all past. This did not make me even a bit rich, although yes – financial stability did appear.

I have already reached the point that I simply stopped setting financial goals, because.. When no matter how hard you try, you still earn like an average Russian, then perhaps you should switch to more pressing questions of life: “how to stop trying to get rich?” or “how to earn 100$ more than now”? After all, the answers to these questions can really change our lives for the better and will not lead to another episode of self-disappointment. My answer is my blog. Everything is simple and clear here: write -> read -> money from advertising.

Of course, I do not pretend to be a universal money truth, but if you did not get rich for natural reasons, but still want to live with dignity, then the last chance remains – to bet on yourself. Choose from among your skills and interests something that is guaranteed to make money and that you enjoy doing more than anything else. And do it. Is it good or bad… somehow. Just do what works. As if you are sitting in a computer game, and you are your character, and there is a quest – to do the job, and as a reward they will give you coins for which you can buy sweets.

“And how is this different from regular work,” you ask. And I will answer: “By Choice”.

As soon as you choose a particular business, and not just “I took first job offer”, then everything becomes very simple. I chose it myself, I do it myself, I got the coins myself. I received few coins, did not get rich. OK. I chose it myself, I do it myself, I got the coins myself. I received few coins, did not get rich. Ok… and so on in a circle. And now attention, the most important question: how long will you continue to choose this business if you get few coins at the end and do not get rich?

And the only correct answer in our case: always!

Because, as we have already found out, even if you choose another business, then you will make about the same number of coins, plus or minus 😂. Therefore, what’s the difference, to do this or that? And we came to the most logical financial conclusion: the most profitable in terms of money in life is to do what you like, because if you do what you don’t like, you will end up “making” about the same amount of money as if all this time you did what you like.

And to calm the soul, you can use phrases that help you live happily, even without money:

  • money can not buy happiness;
  • unlucky in money, lucky in love;
  • money is not the main thing;
  • less money, less problems.

Well, I’ll add to myself: “Perhaps I’m lucky anyway!”

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