I am not a businessman

Alas. And I would like to be able to make money, create products, sell them to customers, make a profit. A beautiful dream, you are a big boss with big money, you make the world a better place and yourself richer. After all, in childhood I even sold snowfields that I cut out of paper myself. It would seem, well, what is not a young businessman ?! At the institute, we scribbled notebooks with business ideas with a guy, then a cafe by the subway, then services on the Internet. So why am I not a businessman?

It turned out that I do not like the very essence of business. More precisely, not like that, I love her, but with other people. I am happy to buy goods and services. Cool that someone creates and sells them! It’s like with weddings, I like the very idea of ​​a wedding, I like to go to acquaintances’ weddings. But my wedding was held in jeans and a T-shirt, the guy and I both arrived at the registry office on the bus, without any concerts, signed papers and went to drink coffee in the coffee shop.

For a business you need to work with people, any business is based on a process in which people are involved. If you are one or two of you, then this is most likely not a business. Although there is a mini-business, such as a columnless 🙂 For this you need to have a “product” that you systematically sell at a certain price. Product is the key! I do not like to create a “product”. And I can’t. And I do not want to be able to. I create something once, and it is no longer possible to repeat. Piece product, can I call it that?

There is a business built on piece products. Let’s say handbags or handmade jewelry, they are all a little unique. Especially if each model exists once and for all. Or online courses. Or something like that. If you teach people on Skype English, can you call this a “business”? It is rather tutoring. You are a craftsman, coach, tutor, teacher and so on. But not a businessman, right? Your activity has no scale and the growth limit (your free time) is quite obvious.

A businessman seeks to build a system and process, ideally, that the business generally works “on its own”, without his participation. This is the ultimate dream of any businessman. A business can be bought or sold. Business is more than human. This is the structure. I like to do what only I can do. If I see that someone else can do a better job instead of me, it becomes not interesting to me. Why am I going to do this? I like to create what is held personally by me. And without me there will be nothing.

The Chanel or Ford brand exists after the death of its founders, since they made a “product” and simply called it by their name. And I want to be like Van Gogh, after whose death no one will draw more of his paintings. I feel like an artist of words and forms, but not a businessman who will build an ideal system and come up with a “product”. I don’t like to sell anything. Although I love it when people pay for my work and they value what I create. For me, this is a fee or a voluntary reward, but not a payment for a product for which I somehow answer or guarantee something.

I love being an irresponsible freelance artist who does something without a special purpose or benefit. Without trying to be someone you need, without a sales plan and seasonal discounts. I love to create. And you – want to eat, want not. You want, you can even pay money. Yes, more 🙂 But if you do not want it, then it is not necessary. I like it so much. So I feel the freedom of creativity and the freedom of life. Freedom is very important to me. And you?

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