I can’t perform my strengths

Realize your strengths.
The book was, to some extent, an attempt to realize my strengths.
How to implement them on video?

Strengths list:

  • wit;
  • rhetoric (already being implemented at Shtukentiya);
  • interested in unusual things, new features: AI, clothes in 3D, technological innovations;
  • artistic ability – I write beautifully, I can draw diagrams;
  • chatting with people – I like chatting; since this is not necessarily communication, you can leave at any second;
  • beauty – makeup, show the figure, legs. There are practically no full-length shots;
  • clothes;
  • tediousness;
    • to do something for a long time; I like it when something comes out of it;
    • I can read many books and present the essence in 3 pages;
    • scopus – scientific articles about YouTube;
    • write scripts on an interesting topic;
  • analytical skills – charts, methods, statistics (there is already a little on the SB);
    to read from a prompter – not to think what to say; good vision;
  • soft voice ASMR – like the post-sound, soothes; add sound effects to the post;
  • provocative content, trolling. Saying ambiguous things to which everyone emotionally reacts;
  • show not just a tedious detailed factual analysis of the topic, but to give your “artist’s view”, “first impression”, hoaxes, conjectures, amazing.
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8 Responses to I can’t perform my strengths

  1. jeff gans says:


    at what temperature you start weariing tights under your skirt?

  2. jeff gans says:

    Hi Vera

    At what temperature you start wearing tihhts under short socks?

  3. jeff gans says:

    Hi shtuky

    You never wear short sleves in winter when Wearing hat?

  4. jeff gans says:

    Ok shtuky

    In the video under my skirt is : you at least wear long sleeves under jacket?
    Can you imagine wearing short sleeves when wearing warm hat?

  5. Gans Jeff says:

    Hi Shtuky

    Please tell me:
    In the video “winterclothes” is the rubashka ” sewed by the babushka of Russian bear long or shortsleeved?
    In the video “under my skirt is…”
    Do you wear tights under your short socks or just naked legs.


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