Is my life worth it?

What did you achieve? What has he done in his life? To whom do you help? What benefit do you bring to people? I recently realized what the meaning of money is. Money allows you not to benefit society. Do what you like, not thinking about being useful to somebody. Only money in this world gives a person such an opportunity. You don’t need a lot of money for this purpose it is not necessary, only quite small amount is needed. If you can get at least a several hundreds dollars a month in some way, freelancing, business, creativity, interest on the deposit – any passive income or income from your hobby. That’s all! Good-bye.

How can you understand that life is not in vain? I will estimate it like this. Am I going to provide money for my free being? What did you do today? All that I wanted? Or I’m only at the beginning of the journey. But the main thing is the vector, where do I go? And do I believe in myself?

To bring something useful to people is a beautiful mantra, any pig can hide behind it. Being a doctor is great, I get so much power over the souls. It is useful to be a psychologist, digging in yourself’s childhood traumas. Of course! And how much usefulness is in sex between the boss and the secretary. Want to be useful? So be it. And if you do not want to – rely on money. They are your savior from servile fetters. And much is not necessary, only a little is needed. And fuck-off the usefulness. And fuck-off love!

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