Is programming boring?

I used to think that programming was the second most boring profession on earth (after an accountant). Numbers, incomprehensible brackets, mathematics and logic, which is not at all logical, instead of beautiful windows – the command line and the complete feeling that the computer is so stupid that it does not understand anything that I write to it. So. I have changed my mind. And the whole thing turned out to be tasks type. Well, it makes sense: if programming task is boring, how can programming be fun? What is an interesting task? Firstly, it is complex enough to be a challenge, but not too difficult to still manage to solve it. Secondly, you need to create something so cool that the result shows a specific benefit. Thirdly, and most importantly, the process of solving a problem should teach you something fundamentally new … literally a new outlook on life or something 🙂

And the conclusion: there are no boring professions, there are boring tasks.

Where to take interesting tasks? It all depends on… your interests. After all, each person is interested and bored in completely different ways. Integrals amuse someone and make them happy, but they make someone green with melancholy. Here it is important to begin to understand yourself, to assess your level. At first, you can take any generally recognized good book on programming – even “programming for dummies”. Just to understand the most basic points. When I decided to learn python, I took the first self-study book that came across. It is important that you like the style of presentation and that the tasks are from the field in which you intend to specialize.

Step number two: take notes and do assignments. I immediately started writing down the main thoughts and approaches on the site, where Igroglaz and I publish our solutions to problems and other useful IT materials. While you’re writing, you sort it out again and record your progress. Then you can return to past ideas, peep something if you forgot. If you feel that the book is boring, choose another one. You can find many courses on the Internet or videos on YouTube. The same topic is explained by different people with different examples, and it is important to find “your” teacher and “your” approach.

I originally tried to learn javascript, but the book was too boring and I didn’t get very far. I didn’t like everything, the syntax seemed inconvenient, and I even thought that programming is still a very boring, as it was 15 years ago when I studied C ++ at Moscow State University in order to somehow pass problems on calculating double integrals. Nothing good came of it. A hand reached for a tutorial on creating games in Python, hoping that at least there was something fun in there.

As soon as I figured out the basics of Python, Igroglaz came up with a task for me – to make a ladder for the game This is a rating of players by points (, in order to implement such a project, I had to apply everything I knew in python, as well as master PHP and MySQL, working with a database, sorting, etc. It was a new stage in programming when I made something from scratch. And this something really works on the website! I have never done anything more difficult in my life, and I was not even sure that it would work out. But together with Igroglaz we managed it.

Then there was another break in programming, since I wrote the book “Algorithm for Success on YouTube” and was engaged in the development of YouTube channels, there were other priorities and interests. And recently we have lost most of the income from the channels and not only that, in general, during the big changes in life, you also look at your activities in a new way. The best thing we could do was to learn something interesting. Igroglaz found a course on Computer Science, we liked the program and the teacher, we started taking it and immediately ran into difficulties.

It turned out that programming is interesting, but somehow too difficult. One would like to think: “Why torture yourself if it is not given to me?”

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