It is so good to love your home

I envy those who love their homes, who want to grow bushes and children here. I envy those who love kings. I envy those who have not seen the beauty, which left a trace in your heart forever, an imprint of carved. It’s great to be in love with the places that surround your life. What can be better than the connection of times? I was born here, loved and lived. How happy those who dream of staying. To be here, bring to this world three children who happily fill the world around them with laughter and deed.

To be born in a box on a gray garbage can, to wake up with the thunder of MTV, to see a ray of light, to laugh so loudly, then to be at the bottom of loneliness, and only having memories on how you were happy with your illusion, how you waited for your house in a plum garden, where the birds of paradise fly as low as birds fly only in a thunderstorm. Dislike. After all, I must! Where did it go? I envy those who love their home. I am compelled to be here, because another way is given to the youtuber with difficulty.

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