Lonely Cat

I’m a cat that walks by herself. Loneliness is my element. Since my childhood I have not been understood and accepted by anybody, wearing masks made it possible to have the illusion of friendship and survival. I’m a lonely cat that walks by herself. My life started by accident, in the city garbage can. In that same place my childhood went over. Garbage can is a wonderful place where you can always find a lot of food and rain will not bother you.

Among the cats there are a lot of lonely ones, but there are also schooling. Loners also are schooly sometims. A flock of loners looks interesting, each occupies its territory, but if necessary, cats come together to fight or eat. Such loners as I also have enough food. We do not unite in groups. We just live. We eat everything from milk for canned food. Wild, unsociable, incredulous.

The life of the cat is rather short. People for some reason like cats, and the more strange and ragged, the more pity the cat is, the more food he cat have. I was from the category of cats that are fluffy, small and biting. Did not get any bald spot, so you can think I am a house cat, and only by my habits you can understand that I came from the street. I always eat a lot, like for the last time. I sleep until the last minute. And my face is such a grumpy.

But if someone feeds me, he will win the trust, then I will be a faithful cat and tender. Although it is not easy to feed me, it’s enought food for me in the trash can. And locals bring some salmon then veal jars. They pour the water with excess, and I do not like milk at all. I have got used to live with simple ideas – I sit where it is sunny, I eat that is more tasty, I sleep not less than three times a day. In fights do not participate as my size is too small. But I don’t have any friends either, it’s easier.

What else can I tell you about the life of a cat? I do know much about that.

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