Mercantile girl

In order to have some kind of discussion, one needs to define concepts, because often misunderstandings begin long before the point of view, when people understand different things under the same words. Often we hear phrases like “she is a mercantile girl”, “mercantile man.” At first, it seems that the mercantilist is the one who puts money above everything else. Money comes first, and than – friendship, love, relationships.

I’m going to Wikipedia, to clarify the meaning of the word “mercantile”. We see such definitions as pettiness, prudence, excessive desire for material gain, personal greed. Mercado – the market. The essence of the word mercantile is being based on market principles – buy, sell, make a profit. Every businessman is mercantile in nature; the goal of any business is making profit.

So it is important to understand in what sense a person is called mercantile. If it is considered that a person is mercantile in his activity – perhaps he is a good businessman. If it is called mercantile in personal relationships – with friends or family – then this is another matter. To call a person simply mercantile is wrong, we need to clarify what this characteristic relates to.

Being entrepreneur and being able to find benefits for yourself and your family – is this a positive characteristic or a negative one? In my opinion, this is cool! So if a person is mercantile in relation to the outside world, seeks and finds benefits, and is mercantile – what can be more beautiful?! Mercantilism in business leads to personal wealth. Wealth is good. Money gives freedom of life and creativity. If you know how to do something cool, why to do it for free ?!

If a person is mercantile in interpersonal relationships, it becomes disgusting. Why to have a close relationship with someone, if you try to be enriched by this person, to get your own profit at the expense of someone who trusts and loves you. Interpersonal relations are based on trust, if there is no trust, this is an unnecessary relationship. If you are ready to be substituted, if someone is making schemes behind your back that are unprofitable for you, if persons enrich at your expense while you personally lose – these are all examples of unhealthy relationships.

Any relationship is a personal choice. A person can not be made to communicate with someone, to love someone. Everyone chooses whether to communicate with a person who perceives you as a function in his business game. If you are ready to be deceived and continue to have a relationship with the one who impoverishes you, then you are enriched yourself – super! If you are ready to manipulate or be manipulated – super! But just do not cry, when you stay at the broken trough.

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  1. Charles says:

    And so, what is there about being in common? One not has to look further than the meaning of love. So many meanings and so heart felt.

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