My first and only one … patron :)

The story of how she decided to close her next gestate and opened Patreon ( Patreon is a website on the Internet that allows people to support their favorite criterias, and criterions (artists, bloggers, animators, etc.) will be allowed to accept financial support from patrons and give them something in return. Such an exchange of courtesies, gifts, donates and thanks for donations.

Mostly artists, illustrators, bloggers, writers and connoisseurs of their work hang out on this site. Well, I, too, seem to be the creator of everything, and thought that I should also try to create my own page. I thought four years ago 🙂 And I didn’t do anything until yesterday I suddenly stumbled upon this site and made a strong-willed decision – I’m doing it!

I spent half a day trying to figure out what was going on and how it worked, create a page and arrange it, fill out all sorts of forms and verify myself. I came up with awards for different levels of subscription, shot a video on the Shtukentsiya channel about my Patreon, posted this news to my communities and … began to wait. Of course, I was a little scared that nothing would work out. But … I have long understood that there is no need to be afraid, you have to try something.

I sat on Patreon, sometimes updating the page, but there was complete silence. I began to lose faith in this venture .. “Well, anyway, no one will subscribe,” I thought. About 5 minutes passed since the publication of the video, I decided to update the patron once again. And I just could not believe my eyes … there appeared a cartridge Jevgenijs !!! A real person subscribed to me, my viewer, he signed up for $ 5. I already jumped in the chair. I began to go back and forth on sites and YouTube, and found this viewer 🙂

It was so cool and touching. I felt myself needed, it greatly pleased me, encouraged and gave confidence in my abilities. I began to immediately think over the gift that I promised to make for the subscription. It turned out to be a drawing, it was exciting. I have never drawn cards for anyone except a teddy bear and parents in childhood. My parents were not fans of my art, but the little bear likes my drawings. So I was worried if my viewer would like the postcard I would draw. Here is it:

In addition to gifts, I came up with the idea of ​​doing periodic streams on the links where subscribers on Patreon will have access. As soon as at least 11 rounds are collected, I will draw the first such stream, where you can chat, sort out some issues. After the end, this stream will appear on YouTube, so even if the audience can not support me through Patreon, they will still be able to see the record of the past stream. I still had the idea of ​​making a general chat in the discord for cartridges. But for now, it’s too early to think about it …

You need to do what you want. I have long wanted to make Patreon, but all hands did not reach. Maybe this is all not for me. In terms of fundraising, donations and other similar matters, I am far from a master. I don’t know how to convince people to pay me for something, I’m much better at interacting with robots – YouTube, adsense and other algorithms, where payment decisions are made not by a specific person, but by artificial intelligence.

I am pleased that I still closed my Wishlist. If someone else joins Patreon, we will definitely chat in live. I will be happy to draw you postcards and portraits. In general, it will be something incredible for me. And it’s not about the money, although a few dollars play a role for me in the monthly budget, the matter is the fact of materializing something intangible, it’s so cool!

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