My first menstruation

Today we will raise a topic that is quite intimate, which is difficult to discuss because of shame and shyness, and this was a difficult topic even for me, but when you think how to correctly express your thoughts, how to say correctly, what you want to say on the topic of women’s intimate issues, you might feel embarrassed. But we don’t need to be shy! The first period, the purchase of the first pads, signs of the approaching menstruation – all this is the topic of our discussion.

In general, today we will put intimate questions related to intimate hygiene and answer them, if you have any additional questions – please, you can write them in the comments, maybe we will also discuss them. I also have some questions that I gathered on the comments that came to me, well, just the questions that worried me in resent time, associated with critical days, with menstruation, related to what pads are better to choose, better to use menstrual pads or tampons, when that is better to use etc.

I believe that this information will be useful to both girls and young men, because I often find in my life that young people, even adults in 20 years, are very little aware of the issues of women’s intimate hygiene. We will primarily talk about women’s intimate hygiene, but maybe a little touch on male intimate hygiene later on. Guys are also rarely understand anything about the period.

Guys and men rarely know which pads to buy, if the girl asks them to help. Men often do not know how pads look like and where they can be found. Some people thought “Oh my God, I was asked to buy pads, it’s all so incomprehensible and disgusting, ashamed.” In fact, pads and periods are a common theme, there is nothing shameful or strange about this.  Almost every girl and woman has menstruation, it’s natural and normal. I believe that this is a very important topic and everyone should basically be aware of period issues.

First, let’s remember how the girls begin having their month’s periods, young girls. At what age do menstrual starts? The fact is that the age of the onset of menstruation is very individual, it happens that menstruation begins at 9 years, it also happens that the first menstrual period will go to 15. The analysis is quite large, probably the average age of the of menstruation beginning is 12-14 years. At this age the girl becomes a very young woman, because the period is a signal that the body has undergone hormonal restructuring and puberty has come to an end.

I can remember and tell my story of the first menstruation. I can not say for sure when I started to have periods, because I did not then have a YouTube channel or period notepad, it seems to me that I was 13 years old, and maybe 12, it’s hard to say. The first months of summer, I had a school vacation, which I spent with my grandmother in a small Russian town. I was walking, playing with friends quite far from home, when suddenly something began to flow on my leg. I seemed to pee myself, it was strange.

I knew very little about menstruation and special intim hygiene for periods at that time, and when my first menstruation came, I ran home, all my shorts and legs were in the blood. I was very shy, changed clothes in silence, put a lot of toilet paper in the underpants, found the money that I was given for sunflower seeds and ice cream and ran to the store where pads were sold separately. I tried very hard to hide that something was flowing from me. I was shy of menstruation. And I was very afraid to buy pads. The first purchase of the women pads was normal, I just slipped the saleswoman money and asked for a pad.

I hide from my parents that I already have menstruation for a long time. But one day we went to holiday in Egypt, and my menstruation started there, and I did not have pads with me. These were the second or third period in my life, so I had not figured out out yet, when menstruation starts, how to understand if you need to take pads with you and how much. As a result, I had to ask for a pads from my mother, and I had to admit that I already have menstruation. I was always very shy to talk about menstruation, and the Internet at that time was not so developed, there was no YouTube at all. So it was very difficult to find out information about the period.

The first menstruation were a great surprise and stress for me. This was primarily due to the lack of proper training and knowledge. Before the first menstruation, I did not notice any special signs, maybe I just did not pay attention to them, because I did not know that there were some signs of period at all. I just went for a walk, I did not have any pain in my stomach or any other highly visible signs. Menstruation just started. I was about 10 minutes walk from the house, and during that time I managed to leak. I was comforted by the fact that recently I had broken my knee on a bicycle, and I was also going home with blood on my leg. Now my legs were also in blood, but on the other hand.

If you have any questions about the first period, do not hesitate to write comments. And if you also want to share your stories – welcome, I read all the comments!

We will definitely continue the conversation on the topic of menstruation, pads. Let’s talk about women’s intimate hygiene in more detail. In the meantime, if you are already have period, I leave a few of my tricks to you:

1. Stuff for intimate hygiene with lactic acid
2. Daily pads (useless thing)
3. Pads for menstruation (night-pads are super!)
4. Chlorhexidine bigluconate, it is useful to have it at home, I call this tool ‘iodine for pussy’.

More on this topics you will find at the  Intim category of this website.

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