My personal study plan

I realized that more than anything else in the world I like to study. And if there were such a profession, I would like to become a professional student. I would study in turn at all departments of Moscow State University, full-time; I would go to lectures and seminars, take exams, learn something new. I don’t want to work, I want to learn! So I decided to develop a personal study plan for myself for this year.

List of subjects

Initially, my list of subjects to study looks like this:

Block of topics

I grouped subjects by topic to highlight areas of study:

  1. Computer science, programming (C/C++, Python, R)
  2. Mathematics, statistics, data analysis (data science);
  3. Storytelling and script writing;
  4. Video editing Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects / Blender;
  5. Drawing and design Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook, Krita;
  6. Macroeconomics, marketing, new agricultural technologies, biology, genetics, cell.

There are only six main areas of development. Considering that every day I shoot a video, I need to allocate time to have time to make a script, shoot a video, edit it and post it. And also to learn new information in my subjects.

How do I study selected topics?

Good question. First, you need to find literature, courses on the Internet, lectures, etc. Since I do everything on my own, I will also have to compile a training program myself. To do this you can use ready-made programs of different institutions, so I am likely to do. These programs and reference lists can be downloaded from the Internet, on their basis it will be possible to make something of your own.
For now, I will sketch out the main ideas for the coming year.

Computer Science, programming (C/C++, Python, R)

Mathematics, statistics, data analysis (data science)

Storytelling and screenwriting

Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects / Blender

  • video guides on YouTube

Painting and Design in Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook, Krita

  • video guides on YouTube

Macroeconomics, marketing, new agricultural technologies, biology

  • articles, databases

To avoid burnout and fatigue, and to make every new day inspiring and interesting, it is necessary to have a balance between study, work and rest. For this purpose I decided to write down my hobbies, but those that benefit me and not just waste time. If I don’t have such a list, then when I’m tired, I start doing chaotic things and getting stuck on my phone.

My hobbies

To have fun, I wrote out my “useful” hobbies – activities that are relaxing but not a priority in terms of professional fulfillment:
  • taking up sports;
  • playing the piano;
  • making a cake or a new dish;
  • sewing, knitting, making jewelry;
  • to clean the house;
  • walk, read.
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