My fotogram addiction

Hello everyone, I am Stukentsia, I am 33 years old and I have 50 channels on YouTube. I am photogram-dependent … Every morning after YouTube Studio I go to fotogram, check numbers and comments. My profile is not popular, but I really want a lot of likes and subscribers. A lot for me is about 10k subscribers and 300-500 likes for a new photo. Not so hot like millions of subs, but I do not even expect such numbers. There are lots of reasons. But the most important thing is that I have an internal conflict associated with an photogram, which I will try to sort it out now. The essence of the conflict is as follows:

  • I attach great importance to the numbers
  • I want to have a popular and active photogram,
  • I am not ready to put in extra effort
  • What I do does not bring popularity.

It turns out a vicious circle: I want to have a lot of numbers on photogram, but of course it doesn’t work out for me (as naturally as it happened on YouTube, for example), I don’t intend to change my actions, and I understand that my photogram will not develop by itself. And I can’t accept it. I’m starting to look for cheating ways to simply “buy subscribers or likes on photogram”. I understand that this is nonsense. After all, if I want just numbers, but they themselves do not come, that is, all sorts of ways to “twist” them. Then I realize that I do not want to cheat, because it is unsafe and stupid. And here I realize what delirium I strive for – the numbers in the app. And so in a circle.

Maybe this is a problem transfer from YouTube to another field? I have an idea that through photogram-drama, I actually experience another, even more important for me, drama … Although on YouTube, everything turned out much better than on photogram, however, I am not completely satisfied its … yes, yes …. NUMBERS! I have everything on YouTube, I have an audience, I have someone to talk to, but when I started my channels, I expected more 🙂 I thought that my videos would be watched better, commented more actively, I would earn more. And in fact, everything is fine, but in my expectations everything was more ambitious. Could it be that my desire to develop photogram is a transfer of my desire to develop my YouTube channels?

And the essence of the conflict will remain the same. On YouTube, I’m not ready to do something fundamentally different. I like my format, my videos. But they are gaining exactly as many numbers as reflected on YouTube. No matter how much I want more, I understand that I will continue to do my job in that vein, as I myself like. But this does not make me quickly popular, it does not bring me what I expected. The pace of development is like a snail. So it was, so it is, and so it will probably be. You crawl along your path. And you understand that there is possible some kind of cheating, there is something that is hyped, there are more profitable formats … but you are what you are, and you do what you like. And I do not want to change this.

It would seem that the conclusion suggests itself is very simple: you need to stop attaching great importance to the numbers (in YouTube, in photogram). Yes, the idea is great. But how to achieve this in practice?

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