My weaknesses

After the last article about the SWOT-analysis of myself, I showed the table I got to my friend, asking what he thought about it. We are sitting in a pizzeria at the Jumbo grocery store in Holland, sweating from the heat. Opportunities? Yes, are there any opportunities at YouTube?! It seems to me that they are not. Or maybe they are, but what could it be? Cooperation … somehow small and uninteresting. Perhaps the travel trip.

And what about my strengths?

We are full, drank the juice. Have come home. And then the bear reading the site about my weaknesses and said: “Yeah, your weakness is in finding your weaknesses, narcissism.” I protested, because my table so well reflects my view. And then he added: “Well, and again – you do not know how to admit your mistakes.”

How important it is that you have a friend who will tell you the truth straight and old-fashioned. That’s why people go to audit – to find an impartial opinion about themselves or their business. After all, if you look at yourself and your business every day, but in one way or another the look is being concealed. We cease to see the elephant in our eye.

Criticism is very important. It is criticism, not insults. Long tiem ago I have learned to distinguish these two. Criticism comes from love, insult – from dislike. And you feel this effect on yourself. If you feel warm and cozy in your soul, and you feel gratitude for someone’s words – it’s a criticism. If you are unpleasant, disgusting, offensive – this is an insult.

Criticism is given to improve. When someone wants good and prosperity for you, when someone wants happiness, wants to make you better, help you develop or achieve something – you are criticized. But the most important criterion for criticism is that you are criticized only on your request. Criticism without the request of the recipient does not exist. It may be something else, how would you call it?


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