Natural eyebrows

Many people think that pulling out eyebrows is a necessary step for a girl to be beautiful. Remember the fashion on eyebrows? I really plucked a third of the eyebrow, so that only the thread remained. And then – eyebrow house? Fashion on the shape and thickness of eyebrows varies every year, but that will never go out of fashion – it’s me! I’m real. If you just leave everything as nature and evolution intended for me? Do not dye your hair, do not tweeze your eyebrows, do not shave your legs? Is the editor of a fashion magazine better knows what is coming to me?

Wide or narrow, but what’s the difference, it’s mine – it’s my eyebrows. And you will not find such eyebrows anywhere else, unless you decide to copy it down hair by hair. And the funny thing is that if someone starts copying you, it will not work for him – you are the unique creature, the organism, where everything is perfectly verified, but it could not be better. Your eyebrow shape fits perfectly under the shape of the face, all shades and colors perfectly match. Whatever you do, you just become someone else. You copy the fashion image. You leave your individual beauty.

I have not dyed my hair for the last 7 years and plucked my eyebrows. My natural hair color is incredibly beautiful, and my eyebrows – thick and very original. I have not seen such eyebrows! And with these eyebrows, I really like myself, my sight is powdered, with some secret. Previously I was influenced a lot by  fashion magazines and pop stars, who mercilessly pinched eyebrows in one fashionable format, then under another. Tweezers for the eyebrows were in each girls’ cosmetic bag, and if someone did not pick up the crook, the others sympathetically offered to lend their tweezers or just joked over the overgrown eyebrows, calling them “bushes”, “sloppy”, “not well groomed.”

What a stupid ideas! And how much we are influenced by the media and the images of pseudo-beautiful people from the screen or the cover! And only by the age of 30 I suddenly realized how stupid is that to focus on the silly standards of beauty, which tomorrow will be different. And what is only important – to leave your beauty alone, you have protect it, do not cut it, pinch it, shave it. Everything is fine in me from my birth! You just need to support your body, hair, face – in the original beautiful state, to maintain your health. And the time and energy should be directed to self-realization. And put a hard filter on the idiots and let them do what they want, but you don’t have to pay attention to them as it does not make any sense!


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