Overview: Shadow Base – MAC Paint Pot Painterly vs ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base Comparison

Visual comparison of two bases under the shade – MAC Paint Pot Painterly and ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base.

MAC Paint Pot Painterly: A highly pigmented, creamy eye paint that dries into a durable, rich coating. Holds for a long time, does not fade, creates an even, light coating without lumps, shades well. On a cream basis.

ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base: the base for pearly flesh-colored eyeshadows with maximum light reflection helps to correct imperfections and color imperfections of the skin, prepares the eyelid for applying shadows.

For my taste, it is more pleasant to use the base from MAS, this tool is very soft to apply. Easy to apply with fingertips. It turned out that the Mac base is better stored – after a few months it did not dry out and did not crack. And the base from ArtDECO, on the contrary, began to dry out, it became more difficult to apply. If MAC is a matte base, then ArtDECO has a pearly sheen. If the base is dry, then the sparkles from ArtDeco begin to slide into skates. It is not beautiful and complicates the application.

Products used in the video (except databases):
1) ArtDeco 316 shadows – asphalt,
2) the shadows of Guerlain L’instant d’un baiser 162 – a silky dusty rose,
3) Inglot AMC Eyeshadow # 77
4) YSL Eye Make Up Removers


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