Holiday lovestory as introvert


Sun, sea, beach, sand. The long-awaited freedom begins to be felt already at the airport. What is freedom? This is flight, delicious food, fun adventures, love. And when you go on vacation “with your suitcase”, “with your samovar” or just with your husband, who is of course the best, but you’ve been together for 16 years and should have gotten tired of each other by now; but by a strange chance you didn’t get tired, I think because some men really get prettier with age, at least mine … – in this case, the holiday lovestory turns into a funny story, which I will tell you now.
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Stack for the day

Woke up, exercise, a glass of yogurt and three Yubileyniy cookies. This was enough to shoot three videos. And then I deflated like a balloon on the fifth day after my birthday. The tension in my throat from vigorous ranting is adjacent to the tension in my shoulders and neck, as if from above I was pressed not by a column of atmospheric air, but by a monolithic slab with a pile of unsolved problems. Shake my head left and right, shake my shoulders, exorcise the depressant demons. Phew, it got easier.

And life, it seems to be nothing bad. It’s just that for every day only a stack of chips is allotted, which you can spend as you like, but as soon as you put the last chip on the field with the name “blog writing” – that’s it, dear, done writing and be healthy, go for a walk, eat there, watch movie. You won’t get more use from you, only if you don’t pick up a couple of chips on the street, suddenly someone dropped it or you get supplies from the stash from the closet. It seemed like there is a whole day, but I have less and less chips. Continue reading

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Do not rush to prove to others

They don’t have to understand you. Maybe they just can’t. Or not interested, do not want to. And what difference does it make, the main thing is that I don’t need it. Although it seems that it is simply necessary to be understood. But in fact, this is incidental, not core. And even if they understand, it will suddenly seem so, and if you dig deeper, it may turn out that they understood, but not at all.

Indeed, why do we need to be understood? Moreover, to be understood correctly, the way we want it. Continue reading

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Everything fell into place

Happy to live until the moment when you understand what you just felt before. It is important to see reality. And once again say: “He was right!”, Well, or “She was right” (it doesn’t matter). In my case, Igroglaz turned out to be right, who has already said a hundred thousand times that it makes no sense to set digital goals. And I kept going on and on, year after year. And for the first time I decided to try to just do something, not expecting to get x dollars or y views as a result. Continue reading

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Results of 2021 and goals for 2022

Last year, I made a post reviewing my progress and setting goals for the future. Let’s smile sadly at our achievements for the year. Now I seem to understand more clearly how I need to set goals so that at the end of the year I don’t sit with lists like this:

Goals for 2021 and beyond:

  • to make a merch (that’s right now!);
  • update thumbs presets (fonts);
  • finish learning a book on python (output agricultural data to the site, create an apk, make your own mask on social media);
  • translate posts into English (Shtukensia website);
  • finish book “Virus Jump”;
  • earn $ 1,500 / month on YouTube.
  • obtain Israeli citizenship (repatriation);
  • a book or course about baking;
  • choose a place for my home;
  • buy land;
  • build a house.

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Write a website in the era of social networks

This is strange? Not fashionable? Not efficient? Not relevant? It seems so. Why write something on the site, if you can make a post on social media, add hashtags and a certain pool of guests will immediately appear on your post, start liking and even express their opinion. Writing on social media is simple and easy. And there are still pictures and photos. And next to you is a showcase and a feed of a million other similar bloggers. And everyone is constantly posting something in order to attract attention, interest, ingratiate themselves, “make friends”, and then, in the meantime, sell their service or another digital product. Continue reading

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I can’t perform my strengths

Realize your strengths.
The book was, to some extent, an attempt to realize my strengths.
How to implement them on video?

Strengths list:

  • wit;
  • rhetoric (already being implemented at Shtukentiya);
  • interested in unusual things, new features: AI, clothes in 3D, technological innovations;
  • artistic ability – I write beautifully, I can draw diagrams;
  • chatting with people – I like chatting; since this is not necessarily communication, you can leave at any second;
  • beauty – makeup, show the figure, legs. There are practically no full-length shots;
  • clothes;
  • tediousness;
    • to do something for a long time; I like it when something comes out of it;
    • I can read many books and present the essence in 3 pages;
    • scopus – scientific articles about YouTube;
    • write scripts on an interesting topic;
  • analytical skills – charts, methods, statistics (there is already a little on the SB);
    to read from a prompter – not to think what to say; good vision;
  • soft voice ASMR – like the post-sound, soothes; add sound effects to the post;
  • provocative content, trolling. Saying ambiguous things to which everyone emotionally reacts;
  • show not just a tedious detailed factual analysis of the topic, but to give your “artist’s view”, “first impression”, hoaxes, conjectures, amazing.
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2020 targets: outcomes and failures

Well, in general, it’s time to take make summary, as I’m too tired to hurry somewhere else and run. It’s the end of the year, or is it just burnout… For three months I did a VidCourse on YouTube, which ate all the time and made me very happy.

And somehow in between times I wrote a book, which I will tell you about a little later, as it comes out.

Here are all the goals that at the time of writing the last post have not yet been completed – let’s cross out or write progress:

  • to finish a book on python – 40%;
  • create a pharmacy – 0%;
  • bring agricultural data to the site – 0%;
  • finish a book on YouTube;
  • translate posts into English (Shtukentia website) – 20%;
  • make merchandise – 0%;
  • make your own mask on Instagram – 0%;
  • 1000 followers on instagram 2 – 50%;
  • 5000 on my Instagram – 60%;
  • update all YouTube channels – 60%;
  • three complete pieces on the piano.

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Coronavirus in Moscow, the dollar rate, success

Spring began rapidly, and there wasn’t any special winter this year in Moscow. We waited for colds to -30 degrees Celsius, but the temperature did not fall below -10. It was only a few cold days, and the rest of the time in Moscow everything was very European. Warm winter, global warming. And then they brought a global virus. The new coronavirus hit the whole world, at first the media scared us with the zombie apocalypse, and then the dollar exchange rate of 75 rubles made it clear that you could not get off with two sneezes.


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How to live life for 100%

There is a theory that before death, people regret that they did not have time to do some things. It’s as if they didn’t live life completely, but missed something. Although they could do this and that. From fear or due to lack of resources, from self-doubt or far-fetched psychological restrictions … How can a person live life to the fullest, and not be content with scraps of flying splashes of life-giving joy?

I think everything is very simple. At each stage of life, a person has his own interests, tasks and aspirations. And the assessment of life as a whole is generally quite difficult, because we do not evaluate in 30 years how effectively we spent the first year of our life. Because it doesn’t matter. We already had it somehow. Successfully or not – what happened was gone.

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YouTube Introductory Trailer Video

To promote your channel on youtube it is recommended to make an introductory trailer video. This video should be short (recommended 1-3 minutes long) and catchy. After all, this is an introductory video as an advertisement of your channel for new visitors. Each visitor to your YouTube channel who is not subscribed to you will see an introductory video as it is automatically played on the channel page.

As soon as you

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2020 goals

I don’t remember that I set specific goals for the year last year. I had some intermediate tasks that I should start with analyzing. For past periods, I planned:

  • finish a book about YouTube;
  • income> 5 $ / month from each site,,;
  • for each YouTube channel post a video at least once a month;
  • get new driver’s license;
  • collect todo lists and ideas, add them to a file;
  • breadcrumbs on the site;
  • put up paintings for sale;
  • write weekly posts to sites.

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Exactly 6 years later, it happened!

Shtukensia from 2013 that had just quit work and left MSU, look … What happened to you and me! Six years ago, videos began to be published on YouTube on the Shtukensia channel, and on November 13, 2013 the channel had 666 subscribers, and the videos gained an average of 100-200 views. So it was like that:

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We are touring St. Petersburg and its suburbs

On the disk in the old folder I found pictures from our trip to St. Petersburg in 2012, where we traveled by car in a fun company of friends. I wanted to write a note and attach a couple of photos as a keepsake. In general, this was the case, in short …

We drove night, walked all night until morning. This is our hotel, one of …)


On the way, I especially remembered the stop at the McDonalds, where we all laughed and planned our affairs in St. Petersburg. And also a man in a huge truck that still didn’t get out when we tried to figure out where to go next.

On the way, of course, we stopped at the lakes, probably saw all the places of interest. I was inspired by this view. I’d sit here for hours, but we should go further, for donuts and sushi to the little Peter.


We rushed through the places. There are a lot of pictures, but these are my favorites.


Even when we went to St. Petersburg at school, I remember the cold, the windbreaker, and we are such satisfied ninth graders (it seems), courageously followed the guide higher and higher. And now we are here. Windy again.

I always notice what others are paying attention to. I think this is where artistic talent lies. In general, I found a cat. Kolya was also happy.


And finally, quite a bit of eroticism. This is the last day, on the way to Moscow we decided to swim in the lake.


I like to walk on fallen trees.


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Our day in Utrecht

Morning – went to Utrecht.
played poker on the train
Hired a catamaran for an hour
They got lost (drove the necessary turn), drove at all times, met a broken boat with a couple and towed it to the pier;
With difficulty (with music), but actively hardcore we reached the pier (traveled all Utrecht unknown to us);
Due to towing, we were forgiven 40 minutes of riding; Continue reading

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