And then things didn’t go according to plan

Repatriation (immigration) to Israel began spontaneously, like many other things in our lives. One day I get a visa, and the next day everything happens like a dream. A 1000$ ticket from Moscow to Tel Aviv, a sandwich on the plane, and eyes full of wonder when I arrived in Israel. What am I doing here? Where do I go? How do I understand these scribbles? Is it just my life jumping around like a drunken frog, or is it normal to be in complete uncertainty and not know what to expect from tomorrow?

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My personal study plan

I realized that more than anything else in the world I like to study. And if there were such a profession, I would like to become a professional student. I would study in turn at all departments of Moscow State University, full-time; I would go to lectures and seminars, take exams, learn something new. I don’t want to work, I want to learn! So I decided to develop a personal study plan for myself for this year.

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My values and outlook on life

“We are too different” – this is how recent lovers often explain divorce. Bear and I decided to formulate our values and then compare them. To understand what my values are in life, I found on the Internet a list of several hundred different values \u200b\u200bof people, so that it would be convenient to choose the right ones.
Here are some values that could be:

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Telegram May 13 – July 6, 2022

May 16

I decided to sew shorts, the first fitting. The finished result is already on the boosty and soon the video will be released on the channel “SewCat”

21 May

When you master a new business, there are two main principles: do not piss and do not quit.
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Telegram May 1-12, 2022

May 1

My life is like a big aquapark: from the outside it looks like entertainment; but in fact it’s scary and then you plunge into a pool of cold water, and in the end it’s fun and there is something to remember after all.

I began to use boosty as a negotiation room: I can see how we get together and generate ideas, each in our favorite socks and with a delicious cup. I missed such a place where you can discuss creative ideas, moderately “privately” and technically convenient.

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The space feels strange. When you know what you don’t feel. And you ask yourself: “How is it so?” And where to strive if there is no path. You walked here in the summer, and now it’s grass. The clearing has overgrown, the branches have bent, somehow everything is different, it is not clear how. I move my hands, I bake a cake with raisins, everything goes as before. Only silence has become my friend, music plays from the neighbors window.

I will run here again, over a green field in color. And I will come to my native house at dawn. It smells of flowers and boiled potatoes. So satisfied, you will meet me. In that very garden, in a wooden arbor, we will sit closer, like hens. It is quiet and joyful here, only the flies are buzzing. Mountains of events happen on the pages. And it’s time for us to sleep. And you go too.

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Telegram April 26-30, 2022

April 26

Trying to look into the future, I see buckwheat porridge for breakfast and a reminder to pay taxes.

April 28

What motivates me to wake up in the morning and enjoy a new day: an unsolved programming problem, an unfinished sweater, a half-eaten cupcake

So … I solved the problem, I finished the cupcake, I’ll go and tie it or something

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Telegram April 5-16, 2022

April 5

In the shop:
– What would you like?
– Anything.
– Great choice!

April 6

I ask the Bear: “Do you think such a sausage will disappear?” Bear: “They do it here in Russia, where will it disappear. But if we have money to buy it ..” I say: “we can barter it.” Barter – from the word bag?
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Why torture yourself if you’re not gifted?

They ask me constantly. And on the topic of earnings, and on the topic of YouTube, and now about programming. And the message is simple: if you do something badly and you don’t succeed right away, then just don’t do it, because obviously you don’t have the ability to do this. Do something else. I just want to add: “plant flowers, give birth to children”. Before, I also strongly believed in talents and predispositions, since I am lazy and I wanted something to work out by itself, as it was “given” to me by nature. And you don’t need to study, torturing yourself too. Oh, what a beauty! As a result: either I am so untalented and I was “not given” something by nature, or all these fairy tales about “given / not given” are just beautiful excuses to explain my own situation. After all, if it turns out that I can get something that is so interesting, but as if “not given”? What is this! Will I have to “suffer” for textbooks and puzzles in order to succeed?
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Is programming boring?

I used to think that programming was the second most boring profession on earth (after an accountant). Numbers, incomprehensible brackets, mathematics and logic, which is not at all logical, instead of beautiful windows – the command line and the complete feeling that the computer is so stupid that it does not understand anything that I write to it. So. I have changed my mind. And the whole thing turned out to be tasks type. Well, it makes sense: if programming task is boring, how can programming be fun? What is an interesting task? Firstly, it is complex enough to be a challenge, but not too difficult to still manage to solve it. Secondly, you need to create something so cool that the result shows a specific benefit. Thirdly, and most importantly, the process of solving a problem should teach you something fundamentally new … literally a new outlook on life or something 🙂
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Telegram March 29-April 2, 2022

March 29

upd: I managed to solve the problem about bank card numbers using the module; let the cards themselves tyutyu, but the program works.

March 30

The first time I got upset when I found out that a foreign brand was not leaving Russia was when the chocolate that we bought for a year in advance decided to stay.
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Telegram March 22-28, 2022

March 22

Received blogger salary and that’s good. Goody, but not enough. 🐷 And igroglaz says “well, okay.” And who among us is still an optimist?

The store has an audio message: “Dear customers, please note that prices are updated every day at 15:00.” Me to igroglaz: “Update means rise?” We laughed. And then igroglaz was surprised: “look, the grapes have fallen in price”

March 24

How to learn something new:
1) select a task
2) solve the task
3) return to point 1
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Telegram March 17-20, 2022

March 17

For a long time I did not understand why grandmothers buy sugar. I was thinking it’s for a jam (varenije). I googled it, they write that it is like an investment: it is stored for a long time, and prices can rise. Should I buy a pack of sugar, too, or what? Although I haven’t used up the previous one, which I bought two years ago… I’ll have to consult with a financial analyst about what is better to invest in sugar cubes or granulated sugar.

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Telegram March 12-16, 2022

March 12

Here they say and you can post a video🧐

I don’t even know what to post here: food recipes or programming lessons🤨 When I have 50 channels on YouTube on various topics, I understand this. But how to run one telegram channel??? AAA hlp, I already want to create a few more 😵‍💫

I went to tiktok now, and he writes to me “you can’t upload videos in your location” and I’m like “fuuuh, great, I’m just too lazy to upload tiktok right now.” Such a digital detox at the maximum.
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Well, send me letters 🙂

Well I lived up to the time when the entropy of world chaos squeezed me into Telegram and I will say even more – from YouTube blogging in general somewhere into complete obscurity. Yes, I still stay on YouTube as much as possible. I will create global content, there is at least some potential monetization. I made a telegram channel, they say you can post videos there, but I haven’t tried it yet, and it’s still not clear how to make money on all this “disgrace” at all.

Starting from scratch again is a great idea! I’m used to. Circular history, cyclical life. This is the second time that circumstances have “squeezed” me off YouTube (remember the lockdowns of 2018?), well, let’s see if we can stay at our favorite ground and in our favorite place this time. No certainty. At such moments, you understand the English proverb “no news is good news” especially well. And how the grass used to be greener and all that things. But there is good news: there is a lot of growth potential in a new beginning, and there are many paths on the Internet. In the end, I even watch a blogger from China on YouTube. Continue reading

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