Passed over 800!

There is one side in me that is interested in money. I can’t say that for me earnings are super important, if that were so, then on the channels and everywhere there would be outdoor advertising and all sorts of other monetary activities that bloggers are trading. But I confess somehow too lazy to spend time on this. Someone asks me to promote it in my videos for money, and I’m even reluctant to get involved with this. Someone asks for advertising of a site or goods. Something interesting happens, but rarely. Usually all nonsense. And then the interesting is not ready to pay my price, since I value my time dearly. So it turns out that in addition to the built-in Google advertising, we especially do not have any additional income. Therefore, I always rejoice in some round achievements, especially the ones that I have been waiting for 7 years!

And this happened for the first time – our author income exceeded 800$ (50 thousand rubles) a month! Yes, by the standards of Moscow it’s quite a bit straightforward, below the average in in the city and so on. But! In my eyes this is our real achievement. You can live on this money. With this money we buy food, pay for the Internet. With this money we can go to rest. With this money we can buy equipment for work. Okay … with this money we still pay taxes. This should not be forgotten. And then the net income will be less. But the fact that advertising on our videos and sites allows us to stay afloat is such a blessing! This money from Google advertising for me is a guarantee of independence from people and companies, I don’t owe anything to anyone, I don’t have any personal obligations to anyone, I don’t work directly with anyone and I don’t sell anything. And I like it wildly!

And the best part is that such income can be considered passive to some extent, although not 100%. But still, the revenue from advertising on copyright videos and texts comes from what you have already created. And this income is generated regardless of whether I will create something new right now or not. Even if I stop generating new content at all, the current income will not disappear anywhere overnight. I personally did not check, but according to the experience of other authors, you can at least not create new videos and write posts for a whole year, and the income will still remain plus or minus the same. But for growth and as a reserve for the future, of course, it is better to continue to do everything at the same pace. Moreover, I just love to create something new, it is fun and entertains me. I look at my business as a super-long-term project “for life”. So you can relax and get “high” (and money).

When I look at millionaire bloggers who advertise all sorts of casinos and other trash, I really don’t get the hell out of it. They already have a decent income from Google ads due to large views. Why so much hemorrhoids? Are people really so greedy, they need so much money and for the sake of a round sum they are literally ready for a lot ?! They say that everyone has their own price. They say that all corrupt creatures. I think that is so in many ways. I also somehow evaluate my time, and I will not refuse a good profitable offer. What I feel is freedom to choose. I have my own minimum for living, which does not depend on anyone. And then I can already think, take something interesting, put any price tag. It gives a feeling of flying. And even if my conditions do not suit others, I do not care, because in any case I will not die of hunger. I’m still fussy, I appreciate myself very much. It is nice, even if it does not bring any money now.

What is more important – to earn as quickly as possible or to not earn extra dollars at all, but to preserve your own dignity? Everyone will also have their own understanding of “their dignity.” It might seem cool to someone to make a ton of money for advertising X. And to someone it would seem like a great idea to sell another X. And since each person is strictly individual in their assessments of reality, it is simply ridiculous to evaluate others for how they earn money. I realized for myself that the most important thing for me is freedom to do what I like. I just don’t understand why I should spend my time on something that is not interesting to me in itself. Money is no longer a reason for me to do something until this money becomes really significant – well, now it’s from 1500-3500$ (100-200 thousand rubles) somewhere. Anything less does not cause me curiosity. But again, there are things that are disgusting to me or cause rejection, then a million will not be enough for me to start thinking in this direction.

Would you wish yourself millions?

But so far no one is actively offering me such big money, and you know what – I am very happy. Because I have something better to do, I’d better develop my channels and sites in order to increase my stable income and further raise the bar of curiosity for money offers. Because in fact, I do not want to advertise anything, why should I do it – if there are special services on the Internet for this, such as Adwords and Yandex advertising? I do not want to understand whether this is a good product, service, author. I’m too lazy to come up with advertising inserts. I am not an advertising agent after all. And I don’t want to clog my brain in communication with brands, people and advertisers. I do not want to sell anything. I do not want to sign any kind of agreements, have direct financial relations with someone. This is really such a boring thing. Although it’s money, it’s such a job that I have already run away from once. Fu Fu Fu.

In general, here to each his own. I am glad to understand that I have enough money not to think about them. I can pay my bills. And I can freely send everyone to dick in my head. And just do what I love. Write such posts. Shoot a video. Walk. Eat delicious food. Watch movies and TV shows. Chatting on the Internet with friends. And just enjoy your little but fun life.

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