Relationships with boyfriend from A to Z

Girls and women have a lot of difficulties in communication and relationships with guys and men, I think this is due only to stupidity and ignorance of the simplest ideas. I’m not even talking about the knowledge of psychology, but rather about simple thoughts that it is worth to have in your head. I call this an adequate view of the world of relationships. Do you want to become 0.1% of people who have no problems in the relationship? Here we go.


First of all, forget such concepts as “femininity,” “fashion,” “be a woman,” “please someone” “be liked by him,” “keep a man,” “be beautiful,” “be interesting to him,” etc. Throw out of your head such stupid things. Guys and men are crazy about you when you just act like yourself – openly and straightly show all your qualities, say what you think, do what you want, argue, cry, poo, talk about lipsticks and football – depending on your interests, and never, NEVER do something to be better than someone.

Botanical garden in Wageningen

Problems in relationships, complete fucking up, begins when you start to try looking beautiful for him, studying his interests, pretending that you like them too, saying banalities that you’re being expected to say, repeating words and style after some girl or a woman who seems very cool to you and able to build good relationships. Once you copy the hairstyle, voice, makeup, clothes and sayings of some person – know that you have already lost your battle for individuality and happiness. You will always be a fake counterfeit, the unfortunate fake of that goddess.

Psychodelic garden

For boyfriend to be exitied about you, it’s enough for you just to wake up and start breathing. Fart, smell, scream and laugh. To grow hair on legs, to dishevel hair in the wind, to squeeze out an acne, to burst into tears, to scold everyone around, to admire the sunset, to be a viscous bity, to not know how to kiss. It’s enought to say your thoughts aloud, be a brave coward, dance until you fall down. Be a donut with pepper, despise his friend. Send everyone to the north, hug the street cats. And be afraid of losing only your own passion. The rest might be  send in all directions without delay, fear and regret.

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