Results of 2021 and goals for 2022

Last year, I made a post reviewing my progress and setting goals for the future. Let’s smile sadly at our achievements for the year. Now I seem to understand more clearly how I need to set goals so that at the end of the year I don’t sit with lists like this:

Goals for 2021 and beyond:

  • to make a merch (that’s right now!);
  • update thumbs presets (fonts);
  • finish learning a book on python (output agricultural data to the site, create an apk, make your own mask on social media);
  • translate posts into English (Shtukensia website);
  • finish book “Virus Jump”;
  • earn $ 1,500 / month on YouTube.
  • obtain Israeli citizenship (repatriation);
  • a book or course about baking;
  • choose a place for my home;
  • buy land;
  • build a house.

Well, yes, we must draw some conclusion. What goals were achieved and by what percentage. Well, in general, yes. Not a single tone. Maybe I messed up something and these were goals for life, and not for a year? Oh, yes, it says “Goals for 2021 and beyond” :))) And in general, it’s strange goals. Now I’m reading them and I think that it seems that it would be good to make this and that. But I don’t want to do anything about them. Maybe this is not what I need at all, ah, an old man?

Okay, let’s leave this list then, may be something will happen in a lifetime. Then I will mark that I was a good fellow. What now? Let’s write down more relevant goals for 2022:

  • stay to live in our house, and not under the bridge;
  • create every day (videos, texts, drawings).

I think it’s enough. If at least half of these goals will turn out, already not bad.

Is there anyone else here who is such a loser who has not completed a single goal from last year’s list? 🙂

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