Review: Burdock oil for hair – Elf Pharmaceutical Factory

Burdock oil for hair: features of application. Overview of burdock products from Elf Pharmaceutical Factory.

1) Real burdock oil.
2) Burdock serum.
3) Shampoo “Burdock”
4) Restoring balm mask burdock

Burdock oil is enriched with valuable biologically active substances extracted from burdock roots. Burdock oil blocks the action of enzymes that cause hair loss, enhances blood supply and nutrition of hair follicles. The composition has mineral oils. Means smell good. “Real burdock oil” is not 100% real, but edible. I tried to wash them off with Burdock shampoo – in principle, it’s normal. Although this shampoo strangely fluffs my hair, if used without additional funds. The balm mask with burdock oil did not impress me. The hair becomes heavier, after drying it hangs and even sticks to the face. Of all this burdock series of products, I liked burdock hair serum the most. I used it on wet and dry hair. I liked the latter more, because immediately see the result. The tips are moisturized and lie beautifully. It seemed to me. that hair becomes more docile and voluminous after using burdock serum.


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