Review: Methode Jeanne Piaubert Facial Toner – Tonique Aromatique

Toning aromatic spray (toner) for the face Methode Jeanne Piaubert – Tonique Aromatique.

The video focuses on an alcohol-free tonic spray for facial skin care. The product contains herbal ingredients: green tea extract, which protects the skin from environmental factors, five essential oils (linden, lemon balm, peppermint, verbena and lemon) that stimulate, cleanse and heal the skin.

Spray in the morning and evening directly on the face and neck to complete the cleansing phase. You can use the tool on a cotton pad. Throughout the day, you can spray TONIQUE AROMATIQUE on your face and neck for a feeling of freshness. Can be applied over makeup to fix it. Suitable for oily skin, because the product has a slightly astringent and bactericidal effect. Men are advised to use TONIQUE AROMATIQUE after shave as a refreshing and tonic facial care product.

I use this tonic in summer and spring, in hot weather. Perfume is a bit like grass, a little field smell. I can’t say that this tonic is very beneficial for the skin. Rather, it is aromatherapy, a product from the “pop something fun” series.

Bottle of 250 ml.


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