Signs that you are loved

Love so excites people, that the simplest concept becomes obscured by myths and fictions. Even the chewing gum “Love is …” says something snotty-nicy, and only 10 years later there were vanilla FB groups with their statuses like “Love is when you woke up from the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and on the pillow next to you saw a bouquet of flowers “. And thanks to mass culture, serials and instagram people think that gifts, flowers, posturing in joint photos and sweet texts on public pages on “important” dates – this is real feelings.

But a raft with a hashtag #thislove is broken about the gray routine, indifference and deception. And all because someone deliberately fooled you, and you yourself were glad to believe that you were touched by the blissful evil of true love. Do you believe in fairy tales and miracles? If so, then do not be surprised that under the suit of Santa Claus you will find your drunk neighbor, and fat-free cake will still lead to obesity. When was the last time you bought your next boss promise to raise your salary in the next quarter? Are you still buying a lottery ticket on the way home? Lend 10,000 $ to your friend for a year on his word of honor? Oh well.

The same is true with love. Well, why did you think that if you were given a package of oranges and a chocolate bar, does it mean that you are loved? If a person enjoys your beauty, health, intelligence and sense of humor – where is love? Find that fool who does not want to be feed at the Michelin restaurant for nothing; and now find someone who refuses to eat a snack at least in the McDonalds. Is this love? Yes, every third person will be ready to bring the flowers to the waiter, so that he does not spit in his coffee. And every second person will think – let everything as it goes, maybe he will not spit anyway?! Well, they talk about feelings, why do not believe?

Someone said “I love you”, what did he really say to you? What is behind this phrase? Oh, yes, he said that he loves – then he loves. Often people say “I love you” to those they do not know at all. Well, two people know each other for five minutes – heard of love at first sight? So that’s it. I saw an angelic face, we are converging according to growth, a figure somewhere under clothes, but it’s not like a barrel. Smells like flowers, good bite. We can get a good offspring. Ready to strive for our coition. Let’s be close. I will not deceive you if I say – that exactly now, this minute “I love you”, that is, I want to – watch, communicate, touch, be together with you.

And if you know a person for month or two, what does “I love you” now mean? No-thing. Only the sound of a pleasant nightmare singing a nightingale. What do his trills mean? Beautiful, relaxing, relieve stress. What makes you think that the words of a momentary unstable rush give a guarantee that in 5 minutes the object of love recognition will not be singing the same songs in other places?! Or will forget the same hour about you, as soon as his life turns quickly and playfully. On the photos in the instagram, the songs on the wall of the FB, on sms at night – you learn about love nothing, even if you write, although there are no love poems in the notebook.

There are signs that are not in the internet. Nobody will tell you about them. After all, they are strange, unfashionable, they are neither succulent nor outrageous. Why should everyone know the whole truth about love, but what about idols and popculture? Sales, marketing, fortune telling, amorous acupuncture. You are loved 100% if and when:

  • you fart, and they are happy,
  • you are natural – their reward,
  • in their view your disadventures are so sweet,
  • you fall, and they raise you,
  • you cry – they embrace you,
  • when you are offended – they are stand for you,
  • in everything – support and acceptance,
  • you are trusted – everything, everything, everything,
  • sweat – sniff the armpits,
  • bite in the ear, lick pussy,
  • woke up – their eye will not be taken away,
  • all the best what they have will be given to you,
  • all the time – with you.

At least if this list is studied, it is possible to easily avoid breaking up hearts about icebergs of love reality. Who said that singing birds harms? Still no one agreed to mute the sound of nature in the forest. But apart from the song there are other things that allow to order the brain. Love is a momentary friend of a long life. Learn to love slowly.

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