SWOT-analysis of yourself

In marketing and strategic planning, the business managers use the so-called SWOT matrix analysis, which is a table of four squares that records strengths and weaknesses (from the top), opportunities and threats (from below). The upper two squares describe the organization from the inside, and the bottom two focus on the external environment.

Why do not we apply the SWOT-analysis to the personal psychology, and do not evaluate ourselves according to this scheme. I will evaluate myself at YouTube and generally on the Internet. Join now! If you have a sheet and a pen near your hand, just divide the sheet into 4 parts. In each square write simple words or short sentences. Since it’s not so convenient to draw on a website, I’ll just insert a table:

My strengths: persistence, charisma, frankness, creative courage, identity, beauty, intelligence, technical skills, system approach

My weaknesses: many projects, lack of the format and my style, lack of self-determination, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence.

Opportunities (external environment): growth of the YouTube and Internet ads, travel to countries with developed YouTube, exchange of experience

Threats (external environment): state control of the Internet, status issues, moral pressure, technical vulnerabilities, haters.

Usually, after the SWOT analysis, people smartly nod their heads, like they understood a lot. And in fact, you need to look at your matrix and think about what I can do right now to strengthen my strengths and to loosen or compensate for my weaknesses. What is the best way to use the opportunities of the external environment? How can I better protect myself from potential threats? What can be done in the very near future?


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One Response to SWOT-analysis of yourself

  1. Александр Леонов says:

    Strength: ПРЕЛЕСТЬ; клюнут, добавят ШТУКЕНЦИЙ…
    Weakness: ГАДОСТЬ; клюнут, сломамают ШТУКЕНЦИЮ
    Opportunuty: СОПРУ; все что плохо лежит, стоит, храницца
    Threats: СОПРУТ; типа СОБЕСа – могут конфисковать даже залежалую

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