Telegram April 26-30, 2022

April 26

Trying to look into the future, I see buckwheat porridge for breakfast and a reminder to pay taxes.

April 28

What motivates me to wake up in the morning and enjoy a new day: an unsolved programming problem, an unfinished sweater, a half-eaten cupcake

So … I solved the problem, I finished the cupcake, I’ll go and tie it or something

April 29

After reading the news and diplomatic language, I now express myself like this: “this mess makes me worried”, “I declare a hater persona non grata on my channel”, “salted fries are absolutely unacceptable”, and “a tickle will be followed by a lightning response”

Kolbasyonkin – it’s me! Well it’s that! I am Kolbasyonkin. By the way, I created a boosty – – it’s like a patreon, but much better, not only because it’s made in Russia, but also because I can get money from there, unlike… And probably there you can do live broadcasts and feed the cat!

Who missed “Tea Corners”? I will boost it as soon as I get 15 supporters at Boosty.

April 30

Discussing the idea of the next video with subscribers on boosty:

From programming, I learned that the problem should be divided in half. I washed a third of the floor in the apartment, and decided that dividing the problem by 3 is even better, because 1/3 of the clean floor leaves enough strength for half a new lecture on programming. Suddenly there is something else useful for life..

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