Telegram April 5-16, 2022

April 5

In the shop:
– What would you like?
– Anything.
– Great choice!

April 6

I ask the Bear: “Do you think such a sausage will disappear?” Bear: “They do it here in Russia, where will it disappear. But if we have money to buy it ..” I say: “we can barter it.” Barter – from the word bag?

April 7

A man asks the attendant in the subway:
— How to get to Poklonskaya street?
– Poklonskaya – this woman was in the State Duma, maybe you need Poklonnaya?

April 11

– Before, I could drink a liter, and now only a mug for 450. And that’s it. There was a time!
– Yes … age. And on the contrary, I didn’t drink before, but now I drink a cup a day.

(talking about milk)

April 12

And I program quite well already; reached the 3rd week of the course. New words in my vocabulary: binary search (divide the problem in half), bubble sort (change pairs of neighbors from smallest to largest; slow), and function recursion (calls itself).

April 14

Interestingly, Telegram replaced half of the apps on my screen.

April 16

The paradox of YouTube today: they watch my videos three times better, but I earn three times less.

@igroglaz asks: “What do you think will change if we have children?” Presidential response: “Uncertain consequences await us.”

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