Telegram March 17-20, 2022

March 17

For a long time I did not understand why grandmothers buy sugar. I was thinking it’s for a jam (varenije). I googled it, they write that it is like an investment: it is stored for a long time, and prices can rise. Should I buy a pack of sugar, too, or what? Although I haven’t used up the previous one, which I bought two years ago… I’ll have to consult with a financial analyst about what is better to invest in sugar cubes or granulated sugar.

Btw you can read telrgram posts in english here:

March 18

A new patron ( Greg has appeared on my English-language channel, who supported us great! So now we have two patrons with Natalia 💟 Spasibkins! I drew a postcard in connection with this:

A new challenge for ingenuity and resourcefulness: pay for a .com domain without cards, webmoney, paypal, apple/googlepay and other benefits of civilization

If you are interested in nature, ecology and soils, welcome to the channel @soilforum

March 19

The most difficult thing is to understand what you want and how to do it.

Choice of programming language: python (because I love monty python) and kotlin (well, you know why)

We have the byte of subscribers on the channel

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