Telegram March 22-28, 2022

March 22

Received blogger salary and that’s good. Goody, but not enough. 🐷 And igroglaz says “well, okay.” And who among us is still an optimist?

The store has an audio message: “Dear customers, please note that prices are updated every day at 15:00.” Me to igroglaz: “Update means rise?” We laughed. And then igroglaz was surprised: “look, the grapes have fallen in price”

March 24

How to learn something new:
1) select a task
2) solve the task
3) return to point 1

March 27

Yesterday, our internet was down all day. We were listening to a course on computer science, programming, reading books. This morning, the bear picked up the phone and asked: “Do you want to watch the news?” Me being sleepy: “Can I not pls?”

The best motivation to solve a programming problem: “you solve ite and we go eat pizza.”

Well, I made it: and we went to lunch, taking with us the condition of the next task about the greedy algorithm. At the crossroads between a pizzeria and a shawarma, we faced an urgent question: eat pizza for 700 rubles or shawarma for 170 rubles?

The bear and I are similar in many ways, but there is also an important difference: igroglaz likes to eat shawarma quickly, standing in one place, and I like to “roam” around the area and shops, chewing leisurely. As a result: his jacket is clean, and I’m all dirty.

We went to the food store, and they sell imported chocolate from Germany for half the price. They put it out in boxes, maybe the last thing that was in stock. Since there is no need to wait for new supplies yet, we began to think about what to buy – 50, 61 or 74%. The discussion was not easy: we studied the composition, compared the sugar content, discussed the toppings, blew on the electronic scoreboard. As a result, the choice narrowed down to two: 61 or 74%. Both of them were in the lead, although the bear was skeptical about the 74th, fearing that it would be “too tough”. We didn’t know what they tasted like. A decision was made: we will buy 1 each and go home to try them, drink tea. When I started to rustle the packaging of 61% at home, the bear suddenly suspected something and said: “Stop, don’t open it yet!” and ran to the kitchen. It turned out that we already have the same one open. Brought it. Then I opened only the new 74%. And we compared them one by one: 74 is super tasty and more cocoa, and 61 is just normal and less cocoa. The cool thing is that they are the same price. It has been empirically established what kind of chocolate we will be eating in these chaotic times.

March 28

Only sesame seeds in a bowl of buckwheat porridge with milk remained from the macfuchnaya.

When you program in C, it feels like you have returned to the past. Where there were modems, a half-table monitor and a whole life ahead.

Telegram is probably the most honest “social network”, because if you do not go here, then everything will be deleted in a year. As why on Earth it needs it.

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