We are touring St. Petersburg and its suburbs

On the disk in the old folder I found pictures from our trip to St. Petersburg in 2012, where we traveled by car in a fun company of friends. I wanted to write a note and attach a couple of photos as a keepsake. In general, this was the case, in short …

We drove night, walked all night until morning. This is our hotel, one of …)


On the way, I especially remembered the stop at the McDonalds, where we all laughed and planned our affairs in St. Petersburg. And also a man in a huge truck that still didn’t get out when we tried to figure out where to go next.

On the way, of course, we stopped at the lakes, probably saw all the places of interest. I was inspired by this view. I’d sit here for hours, but we should go further, for donuts and sushi to the little Peter.


We rushed through the places. There are a lot of pictures, but these are my favorites.


Even when we went to St. Petersburg at school, I remember the cold, the windbreaker, and we are such satisfied ninth graders (it seems), courageously followed the guide higher and higher. And now we are here. Windy again.

I always notice what others are paying attention to. I think this is where artistic talent lies. In general, I found a cat. Kolya was also happy.


And finally, quite a bit of eroticism. This is the last day, on the way to Moscow we decided to swim in the lake.


I like to walk on fallen trees.


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