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Well I lived up to the time when the entropy of world chaos squeezed me into Telegram and I will say even more – from YouTube blogging in general somewhere into complete obscurity. Yes, I still stay on YouTube as much as possible. I will create global content, there is at least some potential monetization. I made a telegram channel, they say you can post videos there, but I haven’t tried it yet, and it’s still not clear how to make money on all this “disgrace” at all.

Starting from scratch again is a great idea! I’m used to. Circular history, cyclical life. This is the second time that circumstances have “squeezed” me off YouTube (remember the lockdowns of 2018?), well, let’s see if we can stay at our favorite ground and in our favorite place this time. No certainty. At such moments, you understand the English proverb “no news is good news” especially well. And how the grass used to be greener and all that things. But there is good news: there is a lot of growth potential in a new beginning, and there are many paths on the Internet. In the end, I even watch a blogger from China on YouTube.

And perhaps most importantly, these are my new aspirations. Do you remember when I was bored? But now I don’t get bored 🙂 Surviving mode is launched. I am developing English-language channels, translating websites, learning Java and thinking about creating an app for the smartphone. I will write more, well, the video is not going anywhere yet. I don’t know what to expect from “tomorrow”, but I can’t lose heart for too long either. Everything will get better, good or just normal. When? Do not know. I really want to wait. To open your eyes serenely in the morning, to wake up. And news feeds to become more boring. And not to be kicked out of YouTube.

Or maybe, well, get away with them? Closed tube. Burrow into a hole. Start cleaning. Turn on the cutter. Eat a banana. Close mobile phone and telegrams. Drink water. Relax your shoulders. And do something that could not be blacked out.

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