What am I the best at?

When you are offered to choose a profession, they often say – use your strengths, choose what you can be better than everyone else, otherwise why start anything at all? What is the point of doing something in that you will forever remain mediocre? If you want to be at the top in a niche, the easiest way is to choose a very small niche. This is also written in the book on marketing “Strategy of the blue ocean”. Create your niche, be unique, go where your heart calls.

And what if you want to become a singer, but you do not have a music ears or a voice. What if you want to play on stage, but to learn by heart the poem is already a difficult task for you, and performing it in front of the audience and not forgetting a line seems almost impossible. You want to draw, but you are bored and uninteresting to study the perspective. You want to be a video blogger, but making a candy from your video and editing it for hours is not for you. So in what way can you be better than others?

Someone will start saying that with this approach you will not achieve anything, you need to work hard and do boring things to become a professional in some business. And what is the meaning of choice then? If you have to do boring things for days, years, decades, to become at least a little bit better in the chosen field, then is it so important – what exactly to choose? Take any business, work, learn, and one day you will wake up on a horse. If you imagine that everyone can learn anything, having spent enough time and effort on it, then how to make this initial choice?

Perhaps someone will say that not everyone can master anything. There is a talent, inclination. One can become an artist, and the other only a mediocre draftsman, even if he spends all his life on this matter. One can become a teacher of the year, and the other will be a hated teacher all his life. One will own a multimillion-dollar business, another person will suck at his hundred start-ups. Everyone worked, everyone was spending their lives, but the result will be different. What is the reason?

He did not work properly, he did not have enough wit, he was not lucky, he did not make the right choice from the very beginning. Maybe he should not have done it? But how to understand this before your boat is in an ocean of failures? Is it important who we want to be in childhood? Perhaps, even then we know who we will be better than others, to which path we already have a passion at birth. Or children’s dreams are just a toy, which should not be oriented in adult life, because it’s not enough that we wanted in childhood, it could be the game of our unreasonable imagination ..

Do you really need to strive to be the best in what you like to do? After all, the best can be only one, if to speak formally. And if you ask – who is better, Van Gogh or Dali? There is no one answer to this question, as each person will choose one of several options. So is it worth thinking about whether I can be better than others in the business that I decided to tackle? Or maybe it’s enough that you do what you want. Would Van Gogh draw for hours if he did not want to draw for hours? It is unlikely that he drew, was boring, tormented and thought, “Well, nevermind I am bored now, I’ll wait, but then I’ll become the best artist in the world.”

Who knows what the other person was thinking about? I know that I am guided by my desire. “What I want, then I will!” – and this is my motto from childhood. It sounds a little antisocial, but suddenly they want to shit a neighbor’s door or something like that, you can zaper. But I was lucky that my motto in combination with my personality gives me creative and positive desires – then I want to write poetry, then draw, then write lyrics, then talk about that, about this and the video. And my desires are very changeable. Yesterday I wanted to be a business lady, and then I wanted to work for myself. Yesterday I wanted to lead, and then I want to do everything myself. So where is the truth?

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