What exactly do I think?

I’m sitting now and thinking about what to write a post about. It’s empty in my head, now it’s thick. There were no concrete thoughts, rather some kind of background. Noises, objects of the real world, feelings in space. I decided to write about what is relevant to me now, what I think. And I realized that right now “I’m not thinking about anything specific.” I sit and think about “what I think.” It turns out recursion and nothing that can be called a post. What bothers me? Yes, it seems nothing. What thoughts? Yes, no. What do I need to think about? And emptiness. “Do I really have no thoughts?” – I think. This cannot be, there must be some. And I started typing.

Probably, it all starts with some kind of question, topic, task. You start to think about it. While there is no question, there is no search for an answer. Nevertheless, it is so clear. There is no topic, you don’t think about it. No problem, then do not search for a solution. I think that I generally think something when this thinking has a starting point of initiation. Something must “turn on” my thoughts. Some kind of situation, phrase, emotion. While nothing has started the process of thinking, I do not think in the literal sense of the word, I just act on a semi-automatic machine, I just live. Why think if there is no reason for this? It is simply not thought of.

How do I understand what I think? I hear my thoughts or even see their imprint. I hear in my head in the form of an inner voice, I hear my voice when voicing thoughts, I see images in my head or I see words and thought forms transferred to information carriers – paper, post, drawing, diagram, and so on. I understand exactly what I think, having heard or seen the result of this thinking. I can not understand my thought before it arises, but only after. I can start thinking any thought, but thinking that thought, which I personally do not share, I always know about my attitude to this thought. Thinking and attitude to it exist separately. I can think about what I have a positive attitude towards and what I have a negative attitude towards.

I can change my thoughts in any direction. I can change my attitude to my thoughts in any direction. It seems to me that I can manage my thoughts and attitude to these thoughts, but not on an ongoing basis, but for a short time. My relationship has a certain buffering, after a while it returns my “familiar” attitude to my thoughts. I think that this buffering is dynamic and can change. This will allow me to change my views over time, to adapt. Thoughts like a river have a stream – when water (thought) naturally flows from higher places to lower ones under the influence of gravity. What plays the role of gravity in thinking? Education, habits, social norms, a set of experience and knowledge.

If you let go of the flow of thoughts by chance, then you can learn a lot of interesting things. You open the scope of thinking and just fix what came to your mind on this issue or this topic. Could it be rubbish? And even better. I call this the “free thinking method” when you are not trying to be smart or create something sensible. Sometimes you can become a winner of the ingenious tickets, but you can also be a broken copy machine, not even able to reproduce the acceleration of free fall. There are so many tangents and cotangents in the world that it is scary to mix them all up. And if you consider yourself a philosopher, then you should probably read the volume of Kant?

And suddenly you realize that people once lived, they all believed in gods or myths. What changed? You are born, and the main question is – what next? It’s not scary to die, it’s scary to be a hostage to life. Knowing a little about yourself, you understand that people will think twice before telling the truth. There are too many of us to love everyone. And it happens that just do not care. What exactly do I think? It doesn’t matter either. I can write it down on a piece of paper. Someone, perhaps will be excited by this.

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