What is my personality?

There is something common in humans that is inherent in more and less all kinds of our kind – people (homo). When I look at myself, what I am, what I have done, I see myself as a kaleidoscope of copies, and I ask myself a question, which probably worries others, – where in this whole copy is my personality? Everyone wants to be himself, something special, he considers himself super complicated, with his own opinion. I see in myself my relatives, acquaintances, media people, random people from the street. I seem to be folded mosaic on a stencil of a typical human skeleton.

How often do I catch myself feeling that what I’m doing here is almost like my mother, here I say with the words of my grandmother, here I react like dad, and here in the photo – my lips are exactly the same as Nick’s mom, chasing the dust, like those, jump like these. After talking with Nick, I begin to repeat his words, and he talks to me with mine. I’m freaking out like my old acquaintance, whom I used to be very jealous of, and somehow under the noise, I took her gesture. Greetings seem to be original, but this idea came to me as a tracing paper with greetings from another person. I dance like they do. Movements learned, copied, repeated. And when I try to do something my own – I look, but still it reminds me of the movements of one of my relatives. What kind of thing is this?

We people are so different, but almost everyone has two legs, two arms, the body is the same – otherwise there would have been medicine, if each of us had the kidneys in an individual order. Everyone has a brain of about the same size, can speak, write, read (well, or can be taught). And psychology, some basic reactions – to cold, pain, love – all are similar. Everyone should eat and sleep, poke and pee, all need sex, communication, water. So all of us people have something universal, which is repeated in each other very accurately. There is a character, inclinations, manners – we copied them in childhood and learned from our relatives, friends, tv. Well, where am I?

Where is there something personal among this heap of the same repetition – mine? Well, at least some drop of an individual? It’s easy to see that all the tasks that have to be solved at 99.99 …% are already solved or solving by other people of our kind. A simple test – google what you are trying to solve now (how to lose weight, the knee hurts, my husband left me fall out of love, nobody loves me, I’m alone, where to go to school, how to wipe my ass, what is the meaning of life, etc. ….) – for all of this quaestions there are thousands of answers and pages, which means that people before you yesterday, and a year ago, and thousands of years – they solved the same theorems and tasks of life. And they will continue to do the same. Each new person will go through the whole evolution from cell to toad, and will finally become a human, to go into the world and re-google – how to lose weight, the knee hurts, my husband left me to fall out of love, nobody loves me, I’m alone how to be, where to go to study, how wipe my ass, what is the meaning of life, etc.

But still. Where does my personality begin?!

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  1. Daniel says:

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    Continue like this &all the best


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