Women who are paid more

In all senses of the word – from tips, to high sex tariffs, from gifts, to treats. Which girls can get the most money on average?

  • With makeup,
  • With flowers in her hair,
  • With a lush breasts,
  • Miniature figure.

Here are all the secrets of beauty. Blondes and brunettes, with hair from medium length, which can be decorated with flowers or beautiful hair clips / rims, emphasizing their dignity with decorative cosmetics, lifting the chest with a pushchap bra, slender and seeming small. Height here is not as important as clothing and style. With any height, you can create a miniature effect if you wear a little loose clothing or several layers of things. Appearance plays a big role. Someone will be ready to adjust themselves to the standards of beauty in order to get more tips – and why not? But there are jobs where it is not necessary to be a barbie, and this does not affect the payment level. Everyone makes choices.

What do you choose?


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